Activated PRP

Activated Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a natural treatment that uses plasma taken from the patient’s own blood and thereafter oxygenated. It is a concentrated preparation of the patient’s own platelets. 10 ml of blood is extracted from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. The platelet rich plasma is separated and extracted, mixed with an activating agent and then injected into the patient’s face-area of interest.

Platelets contain growth factors that modulate among others tissue remodeling, angiogenesis and inflammatory response, leading to tissue regeneration. No chemicals are used during this procedure and that is what makes it safe with no side effects, because the body cannot reject its own blood.

PRP can improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin fine lines, scars, acne scars, and sun damage and hair loss. It can make the skin look tighter and brighter. PRP stimulates new cell growth in the patient’s body wherever is injected. This way the body heals itself without using foreign substances.


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