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A job allowing you to travel the world can appear very glamorous and rewarding but working in the air unfortunately also comes with a number of hidden health disadvantages. From sleep disorders to back injuries and infectious diseases to respiratory disorders it seems that a career in the skies comes with host of health warnings! More recently reported by air crew across the world is that even some of the uniforms they are required to wear are manufactured using a number of harmful and toxic chemicals.

A study reported in the journal Environmental Health reported the following

“We report a higher lifetime prevalence of breast, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers among flight crew relative to the general population,” said Dr Irina Mordukhovich of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. “This is striking given the low rates of overweight and smoking in this occupational group.”

The study was not able to prove the cause of the increase risk, but the authors said increased exposure to ionising radiation from time spent in the thinner upper atmosphere combined with the well disrupted sleep and meal cycles due to hap hazard out of hours flight schedules could be contributing factors.

Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health conducted another landmark study in 2007 on over 4,000 flight attendants from two domestic U.S. airlines in 2007 and compared the prevalence of their health conditions to the general U.S. population in NHANES and found the following:

  • The prevalence of respiratory disease amongst flight attendants was approximately three times that found in the general U.S. population.

  • In addition, sleep disorders, fatigue, depression and heart disease were greatly increased in female Flight Attendants compared to the U.S. population.

  • Female flight attendants reported 34% more reproductive cancers.

  • Health conditions that increased with longer job tenure as a flight attendant were chronic bronchitis, heart disease in females, skin cancer, hearing loss, depression and anxiety, even after adjusting for age, gender, body mass index (BMI), education, and smoking.

With all the current information available, those working in the air particularly for a number of years need to take the health toll of their job into serious consideration.

Here at Neomed we have designed a program specifically for those working in the air to help them boost their immune system and combat some of the risk factors on their health.

Our air crew wellness programs concentrate on regeneration, oxygenation and detoxification of the body after long stressful flights. It also addresses pain in the body (after pushing heavy carts, etc) and addresses toxic environmental exposure through a range of therapies. Digestive tract support for better nutrient absorption and efficient elimination along with stress-management strategies are also included in our programs.

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