Athlete Peak Performance

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks

The collaboration between Neomed Institute of Wellness and Rehabilitation and Active Planet Cyprus brings the all-inclusive Performance Package for athletes that wish to improve their athletic performance to achieve higher results in the professional arena.

Neomed Institute’s Peak Performance program is designed to help Athletes achieve their full potential in their respective fields using innovative tools, sports science and specialized coaching that work in conjunction to break limiting barriers and enhance their performance.

After various tests, we create a personalised program for each athlete.  This special program includes dietary guidelines and therapies which boost lung capacity and body functions. These therapies will also remove lactic acid buildup and interference fields from previous injuries, thus, reducing the athlete’s recovery time and boosting performance. Significant attention is given to digestive and immune system to support and stimulate the body’s own healing potential.

The Neomed Institute’s Athlete programs are pioneering the evolution of athlete’s utilising only natural therapies and science in today’s highly competitive sports environment.

Athletes can utilise our outdoor swimming pool along with our indoor and outdoor gym facilities as part of their program allowing them to take advantage of the fresh unpolluted air at Neomed’s unique holistic center in Moni, Limassol (Cyprus).


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