Neomed's Gynura Oil Lymph Drainage Massage


Introducing our new signature massage treatment, Neomed's Gynura Oil Lymph Drainage Massage. This unique massage treatment is now available to book as a standalone therapy or as an add-on to one of our programs.

Gynura is an edible vine sometimes called "longevity spinach" or "longevity greens", and is very popular in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa both as a food and a medicinal plant. Gynura oil extract is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-herpetic, hypotensive, and anti-diabetic therapeutic values. At Neomed, we source our cold-pressed Gynura Oil and Gynura tea from a plantation locally here in Cyprus.

Lymphatic drainage massage is one of our key detox massage therapies here at Neomed, and with the addition of this unique oil our guests can experience even greater results from this treatment.

This massage will particularly benefit guests who are suffering with;

  • kidney disease

  • migraines

  • fatigue

  • high cholesterol

  • constipation

  • rheumatism

  • hypertension

  • diabetes, among other conditions.

Gynura oil has no known side effects, has no aroma, no known irritations, hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive guest.

The cost of this new signature massage treatment is 80 EUR and is followed by a complimentary Gynura Tea.

To find out more about this massage or to book an appointment please contact us by using the form below.

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Supporting Women's Health Issues with Clary Sage Essential Oil


Supporting Women's Health Issues with Clary Sage Essential Oil

This month we would like to highlight the benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil to all our past, present and future guests, well mainly our female guests as this is one of the most beneficial essential oils available for women!

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Clary Sage essential oil has been known and used for its relaxing and soothing properties. The main chemical component of Clary Sage is linalyl acetate, part of the esters group, which is known to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-hypertensive properties.

Practical Uses of Clary Sage Essential Oil

For our younger female guests who really suffer during their time of the month this essential oil may be your new best friend! To help support your monthly abdominal discomfort levels, rub three to five drops of Clary Sage diluted with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil for a soothing massage. Repeat every few hours as necessary. You can also apply to the back of your neck or pulse points to soothe and calm any anxious feelings you may experience during this time.

For our guests who are currently going through the menopause this essential oil is also for you. This is mainly due to how this essential oil supports hormone balance and the symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flushes, abdominal discomfort, bloating, excessive sweating and inbalance of emotions.

If you suffer from hot flushes or excessive sweating during this time of your life you can make yourself a clary sage foot bath to support your symptoms, try the following:

Hot Flush Foot Bath Recipe

2 cups of Epsom Salts
2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
4 Drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil
2 Drops of Fennel Essential Oil
2 Drops of Geranium Essential Oil
2 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix together the coconut oil with the essential oils, add to the epsom salts and then and add to foot basin of water and soak for 20 minutes. Do this every day for a week to analyse effects on your symptoms. You can also use the same recipe minus the epsom salts to create a massage oil for your abdomen or feet to further assist your discomfort.

We are big fans of Dr Josh Axe and he has put together a very informative article on the uses of Clary Sage Essential Oil including how it can aid digestion, support hormonal balance, relieve insomnia and how it can curb the growth of bacterial and fungal infections. Visit his website to read more about the many benefits of this essential oil.

Dr Axe on Clary Sage Essential Oil


  • Although Clary Sage is often used during labor, avoid using during pregnancy as it can induce uterine contractions.

  • Chloral hydrate and hexobarbitone interact with clary sage oil and can cause sleepiness and drowsiness, and clary sage seems to increase the effects of these medications..

  • As with all essential oils when you first use a new oil, apply the oil to a small area first such as on the back of your arm to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction.

To Purchase Clary Sage Essential Oil through our clinic click here

August Clary Sage Promotion

Retreat to Cyprus for our Summer Wellness Program


Take some time out this summer for self-care and invest in our unique Summer Wellness Program.

Maybe you have had a very stressful year so far and are physically and mentally exhausted and could benefit from some expert assistance to recharge your body and mind. Maybe you are feeling sluggish due to unhealthy food choices and require a gut detox. Or possibly your energy levels have taken a dive and you are deficient in vital vitamins and mineral and need a superpower boost. You may not be suffering from an illness but maybe you want to invest in some preventative care before the winter months ahead. Whatever the case we have a Summer Wellness Week to suit your needs.

Starting on the 5th August through to the 27th August you can partake in 1 or more of our unique wellness programs. Our programs are designed to follow on from each other so that anyone who wishes to spend the entire month with us can complete our full summer wellness protocol.

Summer Cleanse Week
August 5th to 9th
1,100 EUR per person

During our summer cleanse week we concentrate on cleansing the colon, clearing the way for our detox week and improved nutrient absorption.

Summer Detox Week
August 12th to 16th
1,200 EUR per person

Our detox week will focus on toxic build up in your organs, particularly the liver. Expect to feel so much lighter after a week on this program.

Summer Recharge Week
August 19th to 23rd
1,100 EUR per person

This week is all about recharging the body to restore energy and vitality both to body and mind.

Summer Wellness Week
August 26th to 30th
1,000 EUR per person

This is the final week of our program and incorporates refueling the body with vitamins and minerals along with relaxing and immune boosting therapies so you are ready to home with a renewed sense of well-being and vitality.

We have only a limited number of spaces available for this wellness program so don't delay in booking your place.

For full details of all the therapies included in our Wellness Weeks please use the form below to contact us.

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What to Eat When You Want to Cheat

What to Eat When You Want to Cheat

Tina our Dietician and Functional Medicine Practitioner holds a session with some of our current guests discussing the topic ' What to eat when you want to cheat' .

Tina explains how some popular foods contribute to chronic illness and gives suggestions on replacing sugary snacks with healthy but tasty options.

Every time you choose to put something in your mouth, you are either feeding your health or your disease.
— Tina Christoudias Spyrou

If it comes in a box and contains more than 4 ingredients, don’t eat it!
— Tina Christoudias Spyrou

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Neomed's New Pain Rescue Program


Introducing Neomed's New Pain Rescue Program

Following much demand from around the world we are very happy to announce the launch of our new Pain Rescue Program specifically designed to help those who suffer from chronic pain.

It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain which is defined by doctors as a disease of the central nervous system that presents as pain in any area of the body and which persists or progresses over a period of time lasting longer than 3 months . This pain can be without any apparent biological value or can be triggered by a health condition or injury.

Chronic pain as opposed to acute pain can severely impact a person's life, often affecting their work, relationships and day to day activities without any relief in sight.

We want to help those suffering from chronic pain to regain some quality of life once more using some of the most innovative and natural therapies available today . We have created this program to take place over 5 days so that it is accessible to more individuals who cannot be away from home or work for long periods of time. The program is also extendable for anyone wishing to stay longer with us and further progress their path to pain recovery.

Our Pain Rescue Program can help those suffering from:

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Joint, Bone or Muscle Pain

Chronic Migraines

Chronic Nerve Pain

Our clinic is based just outside Limassol in Cyprus in a beautiful healing and peaceful location so that you can escape the hustle and bustle of life and allow your body to unwind, de-stress and relax while our expert therapists take care of you.

The program takes place over 5 days, Monday to Friday. We can arrange daily transfers from the clinic to your chosen accommodation. We can also on request send you a list of recommended places to stay while you are receiving treatment at our clinic.

To find out more about our Pain Rescue Program and how it could help you or a loved one please use the form below to contact us.

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Our New Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program!


Our hearts have been deeply touched by the many parents who have walked through our clinic doors, desperate to get help for their children who have been suffering with various illnesses some unknown or even unrecognized by their doctors. We have noticed their bravery despite their fears, their earnest desire for their children to be well and their unwarranted feelings of guilt that they are healthy and their children are not.

Family is so important to us and family wellness of course is our priority. Many parents of children with long-term illness spend so much of their mental, emotional and physical energy on getting their children well, that they fail to look after themselves. We want to not only help their children but help them too. We want them to return home with tools to aid them move forward as a family and to know how vital it is to make time for selfcare.

In line with this we have created a new program especially for parents who accompany their children to our clinic for treatment. This program aims to help our parents leave the clinic rejuvenated and more relaxed and ready to take on life and their caring role with a renewed sense of wellness.

Our Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program consists of the following:

  • 1 x Emotional Release Session on Arrival with our Psychotherapist

    - a chance to release all your emotions on your child’s healing journey to date

  • 1 x Family Healthy Eating Session with our Dietician

    - an educational and practical session on helping your family to eat well to support a path to wellness

    - one cooking session

  • 1 x Parent Wellness Session with our Wellness Coach

    - a session on how you can take care of your own personal wellness while taking care of a sick child

  • 4 x Papimi Treatments

    - to help boost immunity, lower stress and help with pain management

  • 2 x Ozone Sauna Sessions

    - to help relax your body and detox from the buildup of toxins

  • 6 x Multimag Sessions

    - for deep relaxation

  • 2 x Group EFT Sessions

  • 1 x Parental Support Group Session

The cost of our Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program is 770 EUR

This new program can be booked by a parent or be booked by a friend or relative as a gift to the parent whose child is coming here for treatment.

Our focus, of course, is always on the individual who is sick but that does not mean we do not notice the health and wellness of the many carers especially parents who visit Neomed each year. When your child is in our care you can take some time out to address your own wellness.

We want to see families who are happy and healthy and that means each individual in the family needs to be well so we will do whatever we can to assist the whole family on a path to wellness.

On this note we would like to announce that we will be reserving places during the months of August & January each year to accommodate our younger guests so that parents can utilise school holidays. Further to this, and to reward the outstanding commitment of parents, when they book their child on to one of our programs during these two months we will gift the parent with a free Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program!

We have found that when there is more than one family at the clinic at one time, the children benefit immensely from friendships with other children receiving treatment. This does wonders for their emotional wellness while they are away from friends and family back home for a number of weeks. We hope by reserving places during these months our young guests will enjoy their time here more despite getting treatment daily and will benefit long term from friendships formed here at Neomed.

Of course families are welcome all year round at Neomed but these months we want to make a special effort to bring families together.

To find out more about our Parental Program please use the form below to contact us.

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Terms of Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program

1. Offer of free Parental Carer Rejuvenation Program valid for bookings by parents during the months of August and January only.

2. The offer is limited to one per family. If the second parent or carer would like to avail of this too this can be purchased separately.

3. The spaces during these months are limited and will be on a first come basis.

4. This offer can be used in conjunction with any other promotions or offers.

5. We reserve the right to amend details of the program according to clinic schedules and staff availability.

Some Testimonials From Our Younger Guests & Parents

Addressing The Causes & Symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease

Dina Gavarieva, our resident Wellness Coach and Tina Christoudias Spyrou, our Dietician and Functional Medicine Practitioner discuss how someone can address both the causes and symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease.

if you would like expert assistance addressing your Hashimoto’s disease please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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The Root Causes of Chronic Illness

Dina Gavarieva our resident Wellness Coach and Tina Christoudias Spyrou our Dietician and Functional Medicine Practitioner discuss the primary root causes of chronic illness.

If you are suffering from a Chronic Illness and would like to talk to us about our holistic treatment programs here at Neomed please use the form below to get in touch with us for a free telephone or video consult.

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Our New 2 Week Breast Implant Illness Program

bii 2 week.png

We would like to announce that we have now added another program here at Neomed for those suffering from Breast Implant Illness.

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of women who have contacted us, all with varying degrees of this illness. Some women have been suffering with BII for decades and now have a host of other conditions and some have already taken steps and explanted but are still suffering symptoms.

We already have a full 5 Week Explant Program with post operative detox and recovery and also a stand alone 4 week program for those who have explanted elsewhere. But we also want to be able to help the women who can only get away for a shorter period of time and who also have already taken steps to detox but need some expert assistance. So we have created a 2 Week Post Operative Detox & Recovery Program for those ladies. Our recommendation will always be 4 weeks for those who are still in the heights of their illness but this 2 week program is ideal for anyone who has already seen some improvements from their home protocols.

To find out more about attending our 2 Week Breast Implant Illness Post Operative Detox & Recovery Program please get in touch.

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Neomed Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With A Golden Giveaway!


Today our clinic here in Cyprus celebrates our 2nd Anniversary! When we opened our doors to the world two years ago we could not forsee just how much of an impact our treatment programs would have on the lives of so many individuals and their families around the world. We are so happy that we have been able to help so many suffering from long term illness and we look forward to welcoming even more guests through our doors in the coming year.

We believe in giving back and paying forward as much as we possibly can. Last year for our first anniversary we gave away a 4 week treatment package to one of our lovely guests, Hege from Norway. This year we decided we would create a larger giveaway but would spread the love further and give away multiple smaller prizes so that more guests can receive a gift from us to help them on their healing journey. We also wanted to create some fun and excitement around our giveaway as lets face it we all love a surprise especially when we are unwell.

So we are very happy to announce our Golden Giveaway starting today!

We have 18 prizes in total to giveaway and they are all concealed in golden envelopes hanging inside our clinic. Every individual who books a 2 or 4 week program starting today can choose a numbered envelope and inside they will discover a gift from us.

The prizes include the following:

  • Top Prize - 1 winner will receive a €1500 Treatment Voucher valid on any of our programs

  • 1 winner will receive a €1000 Treatment Voucher valid on any of our programs

  • 1 winner will receive a €500 Treatment Voucher valid on any of our programs

  • 4 winners will receive a L1D Prize of 2 L1D Ozone Sessions worth €500

  • 3 winners will receive a Ten Pass Prize - 3 Ten Pass Ozone Sessions worth €450

  • 2 winners will receive a Sauna Prize - 2 x Ozone Sauna & 2 x Infrared Sauna worth €230

  • 2 winners will receive a Papimi Therapy Prize - 5 x Papimi Sessions worth €195

  • 2 winners will receive a Laser Massage Prize - 5 x Laser Massages worth €150

  • 2 winners will receive an Aromatouch Prize - 2 x Aromatouch Massages worth €140

Once a guest has chosen their envelope a member of our team will open the envelope live on video and it will be posted on our facebook page so you can keep track of what prizes are already taken.

So if you have been thinking about booking to come to Neomed for awhile this may prove to be the perfect time!

Send us an email or use the form below to make contact with us!

Contact Form

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Terms & Conditions

All prizes are as stated and cannot be exchanged for cash.
A guest may choose an envelope once they have booked a date to come and paid a deposit to secure their dates.
Prizes valid for all bookings until April 30th 2020.
A prize envelope is rewarded for any guest booking a 2 or 4 week program here at Neomed.
If for any medical reason you cannot have the therapy you have won we will exchange it for one you can have up to the same value.
Guests can choose an envelope in order of booking.
These prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.
We will announce closure of the giveaway once all prizes have been rewarded.

Book Your Staff Onto Our Executive Wellness Program

Book Your Staff Onto Our Executive Wellness Program

Richard Branson famously once said " Customers come second. Employees come first" When analysed this makes perfect business sense as without happy employees we cannot possibly have happy customers. Many companies spend millions on ensuring a great customer experience but fail to invest in their staff.

As a business owner or CEO, you may want to avoid this costly mistake and take steps to improve employee satisfaction and in turn overall business productivity. There is many benefits and perks that employers could offer to their staff but no greater one in our opinion than to invest in their health and wellbeing.

In Britain for example, it is estimated that sick leave costs employers over £77 billion each year. But it is not just sick days that are costing employers, presenteeism, which means attending work while sick is also costing employers as productivity on those days is obviously so much lower than normal.

Of course many companies already provide their employees with health insurance as part of their salary packages to support them with costs should they need medical attention. But prevention is always better than a cure and here at Neomed we believe investing in your health before you get sick is far more economical.

Our Executive Wellness program is tailored to each individual and is a great opportunity for an individual to take some time to recharge and return to work with a new lease of life. Our therapies will help to boost the immune system, detoxify the body and refuel with necessary vitamins and minerals that may be lacking due to long hours, poor sleep and unbalanced meals.

Our approach to our guests health is a holistic one and we seamlessly combine biological medicine with cutting edge science and utilising some of the most innovative technologies and groundbreaking treatments available today.

Our clinic which is based in Cyprus and boasts sunshine 320 days of the year is the perfect place for your staff to soak up on some natural vitamin D and unwind in our peaceful,healing gardens away from the hustle and bustle of the the city.

If you are a business owner or a HR Department looking for a corporate wellness program to book members of your team or staff onto, reach out to us for more information on how we can assist you and even create a program specifically for your business.

Request More Information

If you would like more information on our Executive Wellness Program please use the form to get in contact with us.

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Why Book a Zell Screening Test?


As a fairly new test we offer here at Neomed, we often get asked what are the benefits of taking part in this screening.

Discovering what minerals your body is deficient in and what levels of toxic metals are currently in your body helps you to decide on the right treatment protocol for you and also what diet and supplement program you should be on to correct your personal balance and some cases help you recover from a chronic illness.

The main difference between this test and blood and urine analysis is that instead of testing what your body is excreting, you are testing what is residing in your living tissues. This gives a more accurate overview of what is going in your body.

It does this by measuring 20 minerals and trace elements and 14 toxic metals in the muscle and in the venous blood, extracted from muscular tissue, giving an estimate of the intra-tissular bioavailibility.

It is a quick and painless test taking less than a minute and with results available immediately to the therapist so you can make a plan immediately on how to resolve any toxicity or lack of minerals.

Individuals suffering from the following conditions would particularly benefit from taking this test:

Thyroid Disease
All Digestive Illnesses
Lyme Disease

During the months of April and May we are offering a free wellness session and home supplement and detox protocol plan for anyone booking a Zell Screening Test here at Neomed in Cyprus.


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Ten Reasons to Consider Colonic Irrigation


Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy is an important part of all our programs here at Neomed. A cleansed colon can significantly transform your digestive health in particular when combined with restorative therapies. But what can an unattended colon lead to? We have listed ten great reasons to address the health of your bowel and consider booking a colonic irrigation.

  1. A cleansed colon lowers your risk of developing bowel cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases.

  2. Poor nutrition, chronic stress or an imbalanced gut microbiome can all contribute to the build-up of toxic waste in your colon, colonic irrigation can help clear this waste.

  3. A toxic colon can lead to halitosis (bad breath) and affect the health of your teeth and gums.

  4. A toxic colon can cause acidosis which can detrimentally affect the health of your bones and can directly cause joint inflammation and pain.

  5. Toxic waste left in the colon will putrefy, cause gas, and can disturb the natural elimination action of the colon which long term can cause motility issues, constipation and hemorrhoids.

  6. A colonic irrigation can eliminate abdominal bloating and contribute to weight loss.

  7. When you bowel contains impacted waste it can disturb your mental function and left long term lead to long term disease affecting your brain function.

  8. A cleansed colon can improve the health and vitality of your skin and hair.

  9. A colonic irrigation can improve your immune system function.

  10. If you suffer from allergies, your symptoms can be improved by cleaning the colon of buildup of toxic waste which can contribute to allergic response..

As beneficial as they are, colonic irrigations are not for everyone and there is contraindications for partaking in this therapy. A full medical history should be taken by your therapist before booking this treatment and care taken with your choice of clinic as medical supervision of this therapy is preferable.

If you would like to know more about Colonic Irrigation or to book a session here at Neomed in Cyprus please get in touch by using the form below.

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Our gut feeling on why digestive health is crucial!


The importance of maintaining proper digestive health has long been considered as a key factor in leading a healthy life. "All diseases begin in the gut" the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said, indicating that the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive tract is not a new fad as some suggest.

And when we say "healthy" we don't just mean physical health. Medical Science is continuing to present complex links between our brain and our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Today we will highlight just some of the reasons you should maintain a clean and healthy digestive system, as well as explain how our team at Neomed can help you if your digestive health issues need expert support.

Your gut loves green

It is official, your gut really does prefer green! Of course when we say that we mean vegetables and fruit should be our first food choice. A healthy digestive process heavily relies on eating foods rich in fiber like fruits or vegetables, something that could prove challenging in the modern world of fast and toxin-rich foods. When you are deplete of nutrition you are more likely to become chronically ill due to infections, toxicity, and metabolic processes. There is a number of symptoms that can indicate an unhealthy low nutrition diet: abdominal pain, blood in the stool, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, nausea, vomiting and difficulty swallowing. If you find yourself exhibiting any of these symptoms, it is a signal to address your diet and digestive tract health.

Your gut needs to move

A healthy digestive tract is also dependent on regular bowel movements. Ideally, a healthy person eliminates 2-3 times per day and has all waste removed within a time period of 24 hours after a meal. Failure to regularly eliminate might be an indication of a digestive issue or disease and could lead to constipation and Haemorrhoids among other symptoms. Healthy bowel movements reduce the microbial load on the body, eliminate destructive toxins, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, calm the brain, enhance clarity, improve skin health and can reduce chronic pain levels. Your actual stool is also a good indicator of a healthy digestive system; you can compare your stool against the Bristol Stool Scale to see for yourself.

Your gut needs good bacteria

Contrary to popular belief, not all bacteria are bad. The bacteria that live within your GI tract, along with other pathogenic micro-organisms are collectively known as gut microbiota and serve to maintain a delicate balance in your immune system and to eliminate invading pathogens. The multiple benefits of maintaining a proper flora of gut microbiota have only recently become the subject of research by the scientific community, following breakthroughs in sequencing technology. With this research field rapidly advancing, more and more links are been discovered between the gut microbiota and autoimmune diseases.

Your gut is your second brain

As scientists turn their microscopes towards the gut ecosystem, they gradually discovered an ecosystem of bacteria and a vast neural network operating within the GI tract. This ecosystem comprises of so many neurons (more than 100 million) that it has been nicknamed "the second brain". A network this complex can have a negative - and sometimes, detrimental- effect on both your physical and your psychological health. The title phrase, "gut feeling", is no accident. Even before people could decode the mysteries of sequencing they instinctively knew that high stress levels and thoughts can be affected by your GI tract. Your digestive health also affects your libido, causes headaches, induces anxiety, takes away your ability to properly focus and concentrate and can even lead to depression-like incidents, as it gives you a more negative outlook on life. Consequently in order to achieve optimal mental health addressing our gut health first is vital.

Your gut may need Neomed's help

There is much you can do at home to improve your digestive health, however some people who have been suffering digestive issues for many years, need expert help and medical supervision to tackle their symptoms and underlying causes. Here at Neomed in Cyprus, we welcome guests from all over the world to partake in our highly advanced and unique gastrointestinal therapies.

Gut bacteria are with us from the day we are born and they evolve with us based on our diet and environment, to help our digestive system to properly process food and drinks. As such, no two people have the exact same gut flora, so no two treatment programs can be exactly the same. At Neomed Institute following an extensive stool and blood analysis, we, create a personalised Digestive Health Program for our guests that aims to thoroughly cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, enhance digestive secretions, regulate motility and restore your gut microbiome and nutritional and mineral absorption. We use many natural herbal enemas , essential oils and high quality absorbable supplements within our program along with groundbreaking methods and therapies to heal and restore proper digestive function.

For more information on our gut health programs please use the form below to contact us.


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Are Hidden Dental Infections Making You Sick?

hidden dental infections.png

When we think about chronic illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease and strokes, we tend to think about their cause. What can make us develop these diseases? Diet, lack of exercise, bad habits etc. Which to a certain extent is true. But what about the link between poor oral health and disease?

In the 1970s, Dr Ralph R. Steinman extensively researched tooth decay. He found, in an animal study on rats, that when a florescent dye was injected into the stomach, this same dye appeared in the inner chamber of the teeth within an incredible six minutes. Within an hour, the dye was visible within the tooth enamel.

This research provided conclusive evidence that there is an interaction between the oral cavity and how the body metabolises compounds. In this case, the compound was a dye, but the same link can be applied to nutrients from our food, and toxins from a poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs, legal or otherwise.

Later research demonstrated a link between specific teeth and specific organs. Together, this research showed a connection between poor oral health and chronic disease. Cancer, heart disease, lung disease, strokes, Lyme disease, MS, ALS and lupus were all linked in part with inadequate cleaning of the teeth and gums.

Tooth Organ Meridian Chart

Achieving Better Dental Health

Eating a healthy diet and making time to exercise and de-stress are all things we can do to help protect us from illness – but just as important, is good dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene is dependent on several factors, not just a correct brushing technique.

What we eat and how we metabolise nutrients so that we don’t have deficiencies is just as crucial. Being exposed to toxic levels of heavy metals and having hidden bacterial infections also play a role in poor dental health.

This means that we have control over the health of our mouths. To maintain our oral health, we can adopt the following habits:

  • Eat a diet high in nutrient-dense, mineral-rich foods

  • Take steps, either on your own or with a specialist, to ensure these nutrients and minerals are properly absorbed and assimilated by the body

  • Ensure that you have a good brushing technique that cleans the gums as well as the teeth

  • Use a tongue scraper each morning to remove bacterial build up

  • Opt for natural dental products to reduce the toxic load on the body

  • Join a holistic dental surgery and replace harmful amalgam fillings and crowns with non-toxic ones

  • Learn oil pulling and gum massage techniques to reduce the risk of bacterial infections

Hidden Mouth Infections and Chronic Illness

Since infections of the mouth can lead to chronic health conditions, good oral hygiene is crucial. But some mouth infections can hide away under crowns and implanted teeth or within root canals, jaw cavities and in the sockets of poorly removed teeth.

These infections may be symptomless and cause no pain or discomfort. As Science Daily reports, symptomless infections at the root tip of the teeth are very common and are often picked up during routine dental exams and x-rays. These can lead to heart disease and other conditions.

Brushing alone may not be enough to help keep bacteria at bay. So here’s two simple techniques you can learn that can help you achieve a healthier mouth – oil pulling and gum massage.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient dental health practice. It was first used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to help prevent decay, freshen the breath, treat sore gums and eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Studies show that oil pulling has a rightful place in today’s oral hygiene practices. One, in 2017, concluded that oil pulling is “effective in controlling plaque”. Another in 2009 found that oil pulling not only reduces plaque, but reduces the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis (bleeding gums).

Streptococcus mutans is a bacterium commonly associated with dental cavities and poor oral health. A study in 2016 demonstrated that oil pulling significantly decreased the levels of this bacteria with no notable difference between these results and that of a control group using a common chlorhexidine mouthwash.

Oil pulling can also help reduce inflammation, whiten the teeth, prevent bad breath and detoxify the body.

How to Practice Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is usually carried out using coconut oil. Place a teaspoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around using slow pulling motions for 15-20 minutes. You can do this whilst in the shower and performing other bathroom routines.

Once the oil has become milky and thin, spit the oil into some tissue and throw it in the bin. Don’t be tempted to spit it down the sink as this can lead to blockages. The used oil will contain dirt and bacteria, so avoid swallowing it too.

Adding essential oils will make this even more beneficial.

Here’s our favourite oil pulling recipe:

50ml fractionated coconut oil
5 drops peppermint oil
3 drops thyme oil
3 drops tea tree oil
3 drops clove oil
3 drops lemon oil

The only time we would not recommend oil pulling is when you have not yet removed amalgam fillings from your teeth. This is because doing so would release further heavy metals into your system.

Gum Massage

Gum massage, using coconut or olive oil, stimulates blood flow to the gums which promotes healing of sore gums and improves overall teeth and gum health. These oils are naturally antimicrobial which helps prevent bacterial build up and the action of massage removes bacterial biofilm that may build up on the teeth. It’s also useful if oil pulling doesn’t suit you.

A study in 2014 found that gum massage using oil significantly reduced bacteria levels, plaque and gingivitis. What’s more, these results were again the same as those who used chlorhexidine mouthwash as a control.

To massage your gums, add two drops of ozonated olive oil to your finger and gentle massage the length of your gums and all of your teeth, using a circular motion. Stop if you feel any pain. When you’ve finished, rinse with warm water, spit into a tissue and throw it away.

Considering all of this research it is vital for all of us to give greater attention to our oral health but even more important for those already suffering from a chronic illness.

For those who already know they have issues in their mouth, we now offer gum ozone injections here at our clinic in Cyprus to help target direct areas of infection in the gum. If you would like to know more about this new ozone therapy available at Neomed, please get in touch.

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10 Benefits of Ozone Therapy for Chronic Health Conditions

10 benefits of ozone.png

Ozone therapy is currently one of the most talked about alternative treatments among the chronic illness community worldwide and with good reason. This amazing gas found naturally in our atmosphere is mixed with oxygen in a medical ozone generator to create a substance with some of the most powerful healing capabilities available today.

But you may ask, can ozone therapy help me? What conditions are suitable to treat with ozone therapy and what effect does it have on my body? Ozone therapy has been used by practitioners and researched by scientists for over a century, but what do these studies conclude?

With all of these common questions in mind we have created a list of what we believe the top ten benefits of ozone therapy are and included links to studies on these subjects for you to look at the research for yourself.
Immune Modulation
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, and inflammatory markers are often seen in the blood of asthmatics which can lead to oxidative stress. A study in 2005 found that regular ozone therapy was effective at reducing these markers of inflammation, regulating oxidative stress and as an immunomodulator (ozone therapy is able to modify the immune system to cope better with inflammation). Also In 1995, a literary review concluded that ozone therapy can have “profound effects on systemic immunity”.

Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Properties
With a potential antibiotic apocalypse not far away, scientists have been looking for novel ways of dealing with bacterial infections, as well as new treatments for fungal and viral infections.

Enter, ozone therapy. There have been many studies into its infection control properties. One was in no doubt about this potential use – it found ozone therapy could “fully resolve” an acute bacterial infection caused by a tick bite, within 24-48 hours. This is welcome news for the growing number of Lyme Disease and other tick associated illness sufferers around the world who do not respond to antibiotic treatment.

Ozone therapy is also now available for treating viral infections such as flu, which is great news for anyone who regularly finds themselves susceptible to winter bugs.

Reversal of Damaged Brain Tissue After a Stroke
After a stroke, the affected area of the brain begins to lose it’s crucial oxygen supply, causing hypoxia of the surrounding brain cells. This area of damage is known as the penumbra. The best course of action is to restore oxygen to the penumbra as soon as possible to reduce damage.

A 2012 study found that supplying a mix of oxygen and ozone gases to hypoxic brain tissue appeared to revert the damage. The authors of the study concluded that they support the use of oxygen-ozone gas in “well designed clinical trials in stroke patients”.

Lower Risk of Repeat Heart Attacks
There’s also evidence that ozone therapy helps reduce the risk of a repeat heart attack and the development of an infarction (tissue death due to lack of oxygen) or arrhythmia (an abnormal or irregular heartbeat) after a heart attack.

One study, in 2017, found that the sooner ozone therapy is given after a heart attack, and the longer it is given for, the better the results.

Joint Mobility
Exciting news emerged from a very recent study in September 2018, that therapeutic ozone therapy is “making strides” in the successful management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

These disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis, that all appear to respond well to increasing the level of oxygen in the body by introducing ozone.

Anti-inflammatory Properties
Many chronic inflammatory diseases can benefit from ozone therapy. A 2014 paper found that therapeutic ozone therapy has fantastic potential.

Chronic inflammation can cause oxidative damage to cells and DNA. Ozone is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce this oxidative damage and the subsequent risk of disease. Ozone has also been found to increase the activity of enzymes in the body that act as antioxidants, leading researchers in another 2014 paper to conclude that ozone therapy is a useful option for the treatment of inflammation.

Wound Healing
Studies have shown that ozone therapy can also help promote wound healing. One study discovered the benefits of ozone therapy in the treatment of ulcerous wounds on the feet of diabetic patients.

Another found it was equally effective in the management and reduction of painful mouth ulcers.

Cell Oxygenation
As in the case of strokes above, hypoxia, when tissues don’t get enough oxygen, can lead to tissue death. Hypoxia can occur in other organs, such as the lungs after an severe asthma attack, and throughout the whole bloodstream if you have anaemia.

Ozone therapy provides the body with more readily available oxygen and there is some evidence that it can also help in the treatment of certain hypoxic tumours, alongside chemo- and radiotherapy.

Pain Relief
Back pain can be debilitating, and is one of the most common reasons we visit our doctors and take time off sick from work. The good news is, that researchers have found that ozone therapy can be very beneficial for lower back pain!

Stem Cell Activation and Repair
Our stem cells are continually working to produce new cells, be they heart, brain, blood, nerve, skin or any other cell. Without stem cells, we wouldn’t survive. The more ready our stem cells are to reactivate into new cells, the better. There’s now evidence to suggest that ozone therapy could improve this readiness to reactivate, thus leading to better cellular repair.

As you can see ozone therapy can help individuals who suffer from a whole host of conditions and our list above is just a snapshot of what we already know about this valuable healing modality.

Could ozone therapy be the answer you’re looking for?

If so use the form below to find out more about our range of ozone treatments here at Neomed in Cyprus which includes the renowned Ten Pass Ozone, Rectal Insufflation, Ozone Injections, Ozone Infusions and Ozone Sauna. If you would like a free telephone or video consult to discuss your needs we would be happy to arrange this.


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What are the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness?


There is no definitive test that diagnoses Breast Implant Illness but rather a combination of symptoms along with the presence of implants which can indicate this debilitating condition. Breast implants can affect the entire body and symptoms are not localised to the immediate area of the breast. They can cause serious neurological, metabolic, immune and endocrine system issues.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms you might be experiencing:

Brain fog
Breast Pain
Liver and Kidney Dysfunction
Severe Migraines and Headaches
Cognitive Dysfunction
Night Sweats and Fevers
Recurrent respiratory infections
Heart palpitations
Shortness of breath
Chest pain or discomfort
Dehydration and Frequent Urination
Hematomas on or near the surgical scar
Dry mouth
Persistent infections
Loss of sensation in the nipple
Cold hands and feet
Joint and muscle pain
Muscle twitching
Limb Numbness or Tingling Sensations
Hormone Imbalance
Sudden weight loss or weight gain
Swollen glands
Vision loss
Acid Reflux
Gastro symptoms
Hair Loss
Low libido
Panic Attacks
Premature ageing of skin
Oral and vaginal thrush

Many who have Breast Implant Illness may also receive a diagnosis of:

Biotoxin Illness
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Ulcerative colitis
Crohn’s disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Autoimmune Disorder
Parasite Infection
Viral Infection
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sjörgen’s syndrome
Raynaud’s syndrome
Graves disease
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

If you are suffering from Breast Implant Illness, the first and most necessary step is to explant. Without explanting you cannot recover from this condition. Once you have explanted you will need to embark on a recovery program. The length of your recovery will really be dependant on the severity of your illness and how much it has affected the different systems in your body.

Here at Neomed we have two programs one includes the Explant Surgery plus recovery program and the other is for those who have already explanted but are still suffering the effects of the implants. Our unique program works at treating all of your body systems and addresses all of your symptoms but also all underlying causes.

If you would like to find out more about our Explant and Recovery Programs or would like to book a free confidential consult with us please use the form below to contact us.

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Using Essential Oils to Combat Mould In Your Home


Mould is a serious issue for anyone with a chronic illness or a compromised immune system especially affecting individuals with Lyme Disease and associated infections. Mould can also stop any treatments you are undergoing from working so it really is important to take measures to rid your home of mould.

Natural solutions are favored by most of our guests here at Neomed so we wanted to give you some ways to combat mould growth with the use of essential oils.

Plants naturally contain powerful therapeutic properties to protect themselves from harmful substances such as bacteria and mould so it is no surprise that essential oils, which are potent distillations extracted from these plants, exhibit these abilities.

Essential oils with anti-fungal properties include Thyme, Oregano, Clove, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Geranium, Cinnamon, Basil and Dill. Of course different essential oils are more effective for different types of mould. For example clove essential oil is particularly useful against black mould (Aspergillus niger). You may have to experiment over a period of time to see which essential oil is most effective in your home.

When cleaning mould you always wear protective gear over your skin and clothes including a mouthguard and if you are already unwell or are sensitive to mould, find someone else to do this for you.

We recommend not to use a spray bottle as spraying mould can actually make fine particles of mould airborne and you want to contain the problem as much as possible so instead use a small basin to prepare your solution and a sponge or cloth to douse the area, leave for 10 minutes and then wipe clean.

Essential Oil Mould Cleaning Solution Recipe

250ml Distilled White Vinegar or Isopropyl Alcohol
250ml Water
30 Drops of Essential Oil (using 15 drops of essential oil per 250ml of liquid)

Note when using essential oils on wood or paint it can peeling as they are very potent so use caution. If you have particularly stubborn areas which need scrubbing you can use baking soda, combined with water (50/50 ratio) and add essential oils of your choice to the mixture.

Diffusing essential oils with a nebulising diffuser is also another daily remedy to purifying the air in your home and combating the effects of mould.

Of course there is many ways to combat mould in your home and the above is just a few suggestions. Sometimes mould is such a deep rooted issue in a home that the only way to escape the effects is to move to a different home where possible.

Purchasing Essential Oils

If you would like to purchase pure therapeutic grade essential oils through our clinic then please fill in the form below and we will send you details on how to order these with delivery to you at your home wherever you are in the world and at the same wholesale price we pay for them.


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Scientific Study References
Antifungal activity of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) essential oil and thymol against moulds from damp dwellings.

An Evaluation of Antifungal Agents for the Treatment of Fungal Contamination in Indoor Air Environments

For making the bed, lower airborne fungi was found in houses using essential oils rather than no essential oils using.

Anti-Aspergillus activity of O. vulgare essential oil (Oregano) based on MIC, MBC, mycelia growth, spore germination/viability, and morphological changes

Growth inhibition of Aspergillus ochraceus ZMPBF 318 and Penicillium expansum ZMPBF 565 by four essential oils.

Can Breast Implants Cause Chronic Illness?


Today with increasing numbers of women suffering around the globe,, we want to add our voice to the worldwide chorus that yes indeed, breast implants can cause chronic illness.

It seems that to explant is the new fashion but for many it is not a fashion statement but a necessary action to regain their health.

From minor issues to debilitating symptoms, breast implants come at a major health cost. Reports show many women are getting diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, liver and kidney dysfunction and at worse even a rare type of cancer, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Side effects and complications include breast pain, blood clots, loss of sensation in the nipple, rupture, deflation and lymphadenopathy, which means that lymph glands near the insertion site become swollen, skin necrosis, Calcification of the breast tissue and nipple discharge among others.

Breast-implant-induced toxicity, caused especially by silicone, manifests with a variety of symptoms and is difficult to diagnose. Headaches, chronic fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, sudden-onset allergies, thyroid problems and gastrointestinal problems are just some of the symptoms caused by silicone poisoning.

Explanting of course is the number one step if you are suffering from any of the above side effects or conditions. Here at Neomed Institute in Cyprus we have developed a program to support the recovery of individuals who decide to explant and help them to regain their health once again.

Our unique explant and breast illness program includes the removal of the implants by our expert Associate Surgeon Dr. Christina Panaretou at a private hospital local to us which is followed by a post operative rehabilitation period at our clinic. Our post operative program is designed with therapies that reduce inflammation, accelerate tissue regeneration and detoxification with specialised physiotherapies to enhance lymphatics, support the hormonal system of the body and to stimulate and support the immune system.

We also offer our post operative program to individuals who have already explained elsewhere but who are still suffering with breast implant illness. For more information on our full Explant and Breast Illness Program or our Post Operative Breast Illness Program please use the form below to contact us.

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Natural Treatment Targeting the Cause of Bone Loss

bone loss.png

Around the world figures show that each year osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures. This equates to an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds. Statistics also show women are more affected with 1 in 3 women over age 50 experiencing an osteoporotic fracture compared to 1 in 5 men.

There is many causes of excessive bone loss leading to osteoporosis including a drop in estrogen when a woman reaches a certain age, hyperthyroidism, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, toxic exposure, eating disorders, sedentary lifestyle, some medications used to treat other conditions and smoking among others. And although predominately it affects those over the age of 50 it can also affect younger generations. Some are diagnosed with Osteoporosis in their teens while there is also a growing number of women getting diagnosed during or after pregnancy, a condition called Pregnancy Related Osteoporosis.

More and more individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis are seeking natural ways to treat their condition. Here at Neomed in Cyprus we have created an Osteoporosis program for such individuals which targets the cause of bone loss and therefore tailored to each individual guest.

One of the very first steps in our program is to discover what levels of heavy metal toxicity reside in your organs and tissues and which minerals you are actually deficient in. Frequent exposure to toxic substances can actually cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies and we find that the majority of individuals with Osteoporosis will have both these issues. Lead for example is known to inhibit activation of vitamin D, uptake of dietary calcium, and several regulatory aspects of bone cell function. We use an amazing piece of technology called Zell Screening to discover this important data before we do anything else. Rather than testing what is circulating in the blood or what is being excreted from the body through urine, this non invasive test shows what toxicity and what minerals are in the body’s living tissues which gives us a much more reliable and accurate picture.

Once we know what levels of toxicity you have and which substances we embark on our unique detox program to drag these out of your tissues. As part of our detox we use ozone therapies to clean your blood of any bacteria, viruses or yeast, to stimulate your metabolism and to boost your immune system.

Our next step is to examine your digestive tract to discover if you are absorbing the nutrients in your food, whether your body is eliminating all unwanted substances and also whether there is any parasitic infection in your gut contributing to malabsorption. Once we have a picture of your digestive system we include advanced gastrointestinal therapies to your program to correct the microbiome of the intestinal tract, to heal the mucosa lining and to increase the absorption of the nutrients from your foods. We also look at correcting your acidic ph balance with special alkalising infusions direct into your bloodstream bypassing the gut process.

Of course included in this step is to look at your diet and we will make specific recommendations based on your Zell Screening report and on the analysis of your digestive system.

Decreasing inflammation and pain along with the healing and strengthening of bone injured from fractures is also a very important part of our program. We have a range of sophisticated and groundbreaking physio, magnet therapies and electrical stimulation to help us with this task. One of the favourite therapies for our guests is Papimi. Papimi is the most powerful nanopulse magnet therapy available with an array of benefits including immune stimulation and pain relief, and shortened recovery times for fractures and injuries. Papimi not only helps to heal fractured bone but also helps to strengthen it and with regular use helps to prevent future fractures.

We also guide and support you through an exercise program, one which you can continue when you return home. Daily exercise is imperative for anyone with osteoporosis even though many shy away from this because of fear of fractures.

Prolonged stress can also contribute to osteoporosis, so we have included therapies to switch your autonomic nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode. We are also encourage all of our guests to spend time with our Physiotherapist to include emotional healing alongside their physical therapies.

If you have a diagnosis of Osteoporosis and a natural route is your chosen path you do not have to do so alone. There is many ways we can help you and support your on your healing journey. If would like to know more about our Osteoporosis Program feel free to send us a message below and we respond to your enquiry asap.

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