Craniosacral Therapy: a Breath of Life

By M. Sehil, the Craniosacral Therapist at Neomed Institute

Throughout nature, life is expressed with patterns of health and vitality. All trees look for the sun with their leaves and branches in search of food they need. Each form of life carries “signature patterns” of vitality. In a similar way, our bodies carry very subtle and refined patterns of vitality which are designed to maintain our health or bring us back to health.

The craniosacral therapy is a manual, non-manipulative, non-invasive and holistic method that supports the inherent vital forces of the body and supports them to return to their natural balance and harmony.

This therapy is an important direction of manual therapy and osteopathy, which is aimed at restoring the natural mobility of the sacrum, skull structures and meninx, as well as at eliminating brain circulatory disorders, and ensuring uncongested flow of liquid.

This treatment method is oriented towards physical and psychological health, and is based on the holistic understanding of the body. It is about helping the patient to integrate the Self into their whole being. The craniosacral therapy integrates all physical, energetic, emotional or spiritual components into the whole, and leads to transformation and even liberation. It allows the patient to feel like their life has got a new breath and a new impetus.

As for children, the effects of the therapy are very rapid and remarkable, especially when focused on treating hyperactivity, lack of concentration and aggressive behavior, among others.

The craniosacral therapy is used to purify the Cephalorachidian fluid that protects and nourishes the central nervous system. The subtle movement of this fluid can be seen in all the body’s tissues. It is like a gentle inhalation and exhalation, hence its name “Breath of Life”, or a regular, slow and deep tide.

The craniosacral therapy stimulates a body’s “primary breathing” system, more subtle and deeper than our breathing. It has a healing quality and carries a spark of the power of life. A trained physician can sense the rhythm of the primary breathing and use it to assess the current state of the body and assist in restoring its balance, integrity and health.

During the session, the patient lies on a treatment table, and I use a very soft touch to perceive the flow of their life’s forces carried by the subtle flow of fluids and tissues in the patient’s body.

At the same time, I also perceive the patient’s individual history with their particular conditions, traumas or pathologies. In most cases, the body needs to align the spirit/mind/body to the stream of life and find the inner direction to creativity and actions. From a space of tranquility and expanded awareness, I facilitate the transition of the separation into the unity and natural balance.

Thus, I simply take on the role as an assistant of the patient’s primary breathing so that I find a new balance between health resources and the restrictions retained in the tissues of their body. In this way, the body can heal itself, and the power of fluids can penetrate all cells and organs again.

If I detect or suspect a pathological imbalance in a patient, I routinely refer the patient to a corresponding specialist.

The craniosacral therapy can complement other therapies, as well as accelerate their effects and minimizing side effects of certain treatments.