What Can I Do Today to Slow Down Aging?


Aging is defined as a living system that is removed from equilibrium or no longer maintains a balance between acidity and alkalinity, immune activation and immune suppression, sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system activity. This lack of balance results in systems of the body not functioning properly with a corresponding build-up of toxins and metabolic by-products. Longevity, cellular functioning and replication is strongly correlated with the expression of certain detoxification enzymes. Certain antioxidants have also been demonstrated to protect against cellular aging.

Oxidized polyunsaturated fatty acid’s abundant in cell membranes positively correlate with increased aging. Protective systems such as antioxidant nutrients that protect against lipid oxidation is correlated with longevity and reduced markers of aging.

The skin, being the largest organ in the body, receives the initial assault from man-made toxins. Our skins are subjected to toxins from the air along with the lotions and potions we put on our skin. These toxins cause oxidative stress damaging our skins protective bilipid layer and allowing for further absorption of the toxins into our body.

Once toxins are in the body they are responsible for interrupting the regulation of hormones including hormones of the brain such as melanocyte stimulating hormone which when inhibited results in leaky gut and leads to issues with other hormones including thyroid, leptin, sex hormones and insulin. Toxins also increase autoimmunity and allergies, suppress antimicrobial components of the immune system and reduce the capacity to detoxify not only toxins and hormones but inflammatory proteins. All of this results in the body being moved away from its equilibrium.

Detoxification is one answer to helping the body regain balance, reducing inflammation is another but also just as important is to reduce our exposure. It is impossible to live in a bubble and heavy metals and chemicals are ubiquitous in our environment, however we do the best we can. Reducing exposure to chemicals including Sodium laureth sulphate, benzenes, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, organoflurocarbons, flame retardants etc that are commonly used in our everyday society in cleaning products, skin care, furniture, new cars, clothing to name but a few. Ways to reduce this exposure include buying natural fibers if possible such as hemp, bamboo and coconut, either choosing organic skin care or making your own from oils, rosewater sprays. Using bicarb of soda, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon essential oil for cleaning. Avoiding eating from plastic containers (especially when hot), using aluminium foil when cooking, cooking in Teflon pans that have been scratched and reducing consumption of canned foods if possible due to the BPA exposure from the lining of the can.

You can slow down aging and improve your health just by reducing your exposure to toxins, plus, you will be helping mother earth.