Top Ten Reasons to Visit Neomed during our Winter Season!


During the summer months our clinic is bustling with activity as most people tend to book their programs during this popular time in Cyprus. However there is some super benefits to visiting us during the winter season! To help you decide when it is best for you to book your program with us we have prepared our top ten reasons to come right now!

  1. Winter in Cyprus is not considered peak season so you will find accommodation to be much cheaper making the overall cost of your visit a lot lower than in the summer season. This can be very worthwhile for those who would like to book our longer term treatment programs.

  2. Even though it is our winter season the weather is still very pleasant and warm even if you have to avoid the odd rain shower. Average temperatures in Limassol during winter is around 15 degrees during the day and around 9 degrees at night, Many actually still swim in the sea at this time of year and if you want to enjoy the snow at the weekend you can take a trip up the Troodos mountains and still experience a taste of winter!

  3. As our clinic is situated in close proximity to the sea, you can enjoy your weekends or afternoons soaking in the healing benefits of peaceful walks on the beach without the normal influx of tourists. Walking by the sea has been shown to be highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health and general wellbeing.

  4. Cyprus is considered the 5th safest country in the world so if this time of year means you do not have someone to accompany you on your trip you can be assured of coming to a country that is not only known to be a place of healing but also a safe place to travel alone to.

  5. Cyprus has fresh organic produce of vegetables and fruits all year round. We have several organic shops and farms that you can purchase from and enjoy the Mediterranean diet during the winter months

  6. For golf lovers: winter is the perfect time to play golf, as the fields and golf courses are green and the air is pure and fresh and it is still warm without the extreme heat of the summer sun.

  7. For history lovers, you can enjoy the many archeological sites, monasteries and other attractions without the summer tourist crowds, at your pace and leisure and at reduced prices!.

  8. Depending on where you are flying from many find that flight costs are significantly cheaper than at other times of the year, again bringing down the overall cost of your visit.

  9. As it is low season, you can find much cheaper car rentals which many of our guests like to do, so they can spend their free time exploring the beautiful nearby villages and beaches and enjoy our winter hospitality with delicious food, traditional Greek music and a warm fireplace to sit next to.

  10. Our clinic is much quieter at this time of year so for those who prefer to be around a smaller group of people this is the perfect time to come.

Winter Season Special Offer

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As an extra incentive to our winter visitors we have a special offer to add further value to your trip. Anyone booking a 4 week or more program for any of our treatment or wellness programs can enjoy an extra week free of charge at our clinic! This is an incredible saving for anyone who is considering a longer term program with us. To avail of this offer you must book a program with us and pay a deposit before the 15th February and your arrival date must be before the 31st March.


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Terms & Conditions
Offer is 1 Week Extra Free on any of our 4 week or more programs here at Neomed Institute. This inlcudes our Lyme Disease and other Chronic Illness programs along with our Preventative and Wellness programs of 4 weeks or more. This offer is as stated and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other treatments or products at the clinic. Offer is valid on bookings made before midnight on the 15th February 2019 and your program must commence before the 31st March 2019. If you require further clarification of this offer please use the form below or give us a call during working hours.