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Retreat to Cyprus for our Summer Wellness Program


Take some time out this summer for self-care and invest in our unique Summer Wellness Program.

Maybe you have had a very stressful year so far and are physically and mentally exhausted and could benefit from some expert assistance to recharge your body and mind. Maybe you are feeling sluggish due to unhealthy food choices and require a gut detox. Or possibly your energy levels have taken a dive and you are deficient in vital vitamins and mineral and need a superpower boost. You may not be suffering from an illness but maybe you want to invest in some preventative care before the winter months ahead. Whatever the case we have a Summer Wellness Week to suit your needs.

Starting on the 5th August through to the 27th August you can partake in 1 or more of our unique wellness programs. Our programs are designed to follow on from each other so that anyone who wishes to spend the entire month with us can complete our full summer wellness protocol.

Summer Cleanse Week
August 5th to 9th
1,100 EUR per person

During our summer cleanse week we concentrate on cleansing the colon, clearing the way for our detox week and improved nutrient absorption.

Summer Detox Week
August 12th to 16th
1,200 EUR per person

Our detox week will focus on toxic build up in your organs, particularly the liver. Expect to feel so much lighter after a week on this program.

Summer Recharge Week
August 19th to 23rd
1,100 EUR per person

This week is all about recharging the body to restore energy and vitality both to body and mind.

Summer Wellness Week
August 26th to 30th
1,000 EUR per person

This is the final week of our program and incorporates refueling the body with vitamins and minerals along with relaxing and immune boosting therapies so you are ready to home with a renewed sense of well-being and vitality.

We have only a limited number of spaces available for this wellness program so don't delay in booking your place.

For full details of all the therapies included in our Wellness Weeks please use the form below to contact us.

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