Cancer Care

In today’s increasingly toxic environment and often highly stressful lifestyles with poor diet and multiple challenges, the body’s internal terrain becomes overburdened and unable to perform certain critical functions efficiently. The result is often that cancer proliferates instead of being effectively managed by our internal immune functions.

A successful therapy plan must address the underlying causes of most chronic illness, including the 5 Ts:

  • Biological TERRAIN of the body
  • Internal and external TOXICITY
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual TRAUMA
  • Digestive TRACT disorders
  • Hidden TEETH infections and cavities

At Neomed Institute, we have an alternative approach to help our guest both target cancer growth and boost immune function. Working together with your oncologist, we can offer supportive protocols that look at the whole organism. We use an extensive  support protocol as per the individual requirements and condition. The includes cleansing, alkalizing, clinically proven diet changes, and the use of a variety of immune stimulating protocols.

Psychological support is also an essential part of any long-term rehabilitation.

A complete protocol including tumour removal is available with pre-and post-operative care and rehabilitation to reduce patient healing times and possible side effects of previous medical treatments.


Cancer Care Consultation

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