Chronic Acidosis

More Than Just Heartburn

When bodily fluids contain too much acid it’s known as acidosis – a condition that tends to occur when the kidneys and lungs struggle to keep the body’s pH in balance.


Without treatment, acidosis can lead to serious health issues, such as osteoporosis, chronic kidney problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic infections, insulin resistance and premature aging, to name a few.


Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can balance your body’s pH and Neomed has a wealth of therapies and treatments to guide you back to radiant health.


Why Does Chronic Acidosis Happen?

Correct acid-base balance is necessary to the normal action of metabolic processes and the continued wellbeing of the body. Acid-alkaline balance in the body is not a straightforward value on the pH table, but rather a continuously moving dynamic equilibrium. Various organs in the body require very different pH levels to work efficiently. For example:


  • Blood: slightly alkaline, between 7.35 and 7.45;
  • Stomach: very acidic, between 2 and 4;
  • Intestine: slightly acidic, between 5.5 and 7.


The ratio of acids to bases is important for a healthy metabolism and to determine the structure and function of proteins, permeability of cell membranes, distribution of electrolytes, and functioning of connective tissue.


Although the quantity of acids and bases in the body changes permanently, depending on the nutrition, stress levels, exercise and the toxic loads, the body works very hard to maintain the pH value in the various organs and tissues within a constant narrow range. The body will do this even if it means sacrificing minerals from the bones or teeth to neutralise excess acid in the blood.


When the alkaline reserves of the body are depleted, the body is left in a weakened state and the body systems start to malfunction, which may lead to chronic illness such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular damage and immune deficiency, among others.


How to Balance the Body’s pH at Home

There are a number of ways you can help yourself and the first gift you can give your body is to reduce stress levels. Chronic stress and negative emotions may cause a pH imbalance in the body and an increase in inflammatory markers leading, in some cases, to the dysregulation of chronic inflammatory processes. This immune dysregulation favours the development of many diseases including cancer, heart attacks and osteoporosis. Meditation or yoga can help you deal effectively with stress levels.


Another easy, but important step you can take is to exercise. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to latent acidosis of the body. Check with one of our specialists to choose exercises that are most suitable for your body type and health condition.


You also need to ensure you get enough sleep and rest. A well-rested body that receives at least eight hours of sleep a day produces healthy cells. If you have trouble falling asleep, one of our medical team will be able to recommend the best solution for your particular case.


Drink enough water. It really is vital that you keep hydrated so that all the body’s systems continue moving towards detoxification and elimination. Bodies that keep toxin levels low are much less prone to developing chronic illness.


While water is always a staple of good health, try to avoid drinking with food as this will dilute the stomach acid, making your stomach more alkaline and reducing the effectiveness of digestion while allowing viruses, bacteria and fungi to survive and proceed into the intestines and proliferate.


Opt for green leafy and cruciferous vegetables in your diet, as they have superior alkalising properties.


Baking soda baths and foot soaks are also a great way to rebalance the body. Baking soda is alkaline, with an average pH level of 8. Adding baking soda to foot soaks and detoxing baths are easy home remedies that increase the pH levels in the tissues.


Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. When you chew your food properly, enzymes in your saliva start to break down the food making it easier to digest and ensuring more nutrients get absorbed. Moreover, the stomach works more efficiently and maintains its acidic environment if the food is properly broken down in the mouth. Also, gas and bloating are more likely to be avoided if food is thoroughly chewed.


Take the best probiotics. The ideal environment for the intestine is slightly acidic, between 5.5 and 7. When the intestinal environment becomes more alkaline (which is one of the factors measured in the stool test that Neomed Institute offers guests), fungi such as Candida overgrow and turn into their pathogenic form, causing Leaky Gut syndrome. Leaky Gut is one of the causes of auto-immune and chronic illnesses and it must be addressed with an integrative protocol. Probiotics produce small amounts of lactic and acetic acid in the gut, helping to rebalance the pH in the intestine and restore the acidity that is needed to manage the fungal overgrowth.


And finally, try to reduce toxic exposure. An effective way to decrease the acidity of the blood, slow down aging and prevent development of chronic illness is to reduce exposure to man-made chemicals, radioactive elements, electro-magnetic radiation and toxic foods, among others. Reducing emotional toxicity is equally important because chronic diseases may be directly connected to unresolved negative experiences and emotions.


How Neomed Can Help

Here at Neomed, we carefully evaluate all factors that contribute to a guest’s current state of health – including potential pockets of ammonia in the body and brain – before recommending individual remedies and therapies to balance the body pH.


One of the most effective therapies is alkalising infusions that have a neutralising and detoxification effect on the tissues, helping the body to regain its natural balance. To this end, we work with the best chemists in Germany to create alkalising infusions with homeopathic and isopathic remedies to balance pH and nurture body tissues. The use of alkalising infusions is carefully evaluated by our medical team in order to ensure true benefits are reached in conjunction with specific treatments to prepare the body for such therapy.


Biomagnetic pairs therapy, created by Dr Isaac Goiz, is also a natural and safe way to restore healthy cellular milieu. This therapy involves a pair of magnets of opposite charges and medium intensity to depolarise areas of the body that are out of balance and re-establish the acid-alkaline balance in the body.


As latent acidosis reduces and eventually inhibits oxygen delivery to the tissue and organs, microcurrent therapy is a great way to support the maintenance of body pH by stimulating oxygenation and balancing cellular electrical communication.


Of course, when it comes to wellbeing, a healthy diet is essential. Our naturopathic team together with qualified clinical nutritionists specialise in creating unique nutrition protocols for our guests. Our team analyses the specific health condition they are dealing with, and the precipitating factors that led to it, and create a nutrition protocol that will be an important step on a guest’s wellness path.


Another important requirement is to rebalance the digestive system, which is the first line of defence against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. If the stomach and the intestinal tract are too alkaline, for example, because

  • not enough stomach acid is produced,
  • an incorrect diet is followed,
  • or the pH increased after courses of antibiotics,

then there is a much higher chance of fungal overgrowth, development of Leaky Gut syndrome, nutrient malabsorption, inflammation, constipation, and poor elimination, which in turn, will lead to the development of chronic and auto-immune diseases.

At Neomed, our digestive health programmes, headed by highly trained medical and naturopathic teams, target all aspects of the digestive tract including restoration of the mucosal lining, enhancing digestive secretions, regulating motility and restoring the gut microbiome.

And finally, we cannot understate the importance of drainage and detox. Accumulated toxins are one of the major reasons why the body develops a chronic illness.



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