Food mood poop

Want to know what foods are working for you and what foods work against you?

Then maybe it’s time you kept a journal; a food-mood-poop journal.

This is such a simple idea, but it’s a fantastic way to monitor your digestive health in order to learn more about the connection between your mind, gut, nutrition and overall sense of well-being. Simply record everything you eat and how that food makes you feel.


For example, if you eat chicken and notice a couple of hours later that you feel tired, this might be something to be aware of the next time you eat chicken in order to gauge whether it’s actually a recurring response to chicken. Or maybe you eat certain foods to go with your mood, such as chocolate when you’re feeling down.


Whatever you eat, write it down. How you feel afterwards, write it down. That way you can start to connect the dots and listen to what your body is telling you. Also, take notice of your poop. This is another way your body speaks to you.

And we’ve attached a handy ‘language’ chart for that here, just download the chart and start monitoring your food-mood-poop journal.

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