Visit Cyprus to experience wellness and vitality.


At the Neomed Institute of Wellness and Rehabilitation, innovative technologies meet ancient wisdom and conventional practices co-exist harmoniously with new approaches in order to help our guests on their journey back to health.

We work on healing by employing a multi-layered and highly customized approach with each of our guests. Chronic Illnesses, digestive issues, physiological and emotional barriers are addressed using our targeted approaches to help you heal.

Uniquely situated in a low-EMF location surrounded by cedar, olives and carob trees and pines, yet just minutes from the beach and Limassol the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Cyprus. 

We, at The Neomed Institute of Wellness and Rehabilitation, await to discuss your personal health and help guide you on your path to Healing and Wellness.


Biological Medicine combined with cutting-edge Science and Technology


A combination of drainage and detoxification of harmful substances,  immune system stimulation, support and restoration, powerful Ozone therapy, physical rehabilitation and mind-body therapies, our non-toxic modalities work in concert to enable the body to begin the path to recovery.



Ozone Therapy

At the Neomed Institute, Ozone therapy plays a vital role in our treatment protocols. In its different delivery modalities such as MultiPass (10pass) or Saline (Russian Method) it can be used to stimulate the immune system, directly reduce pathogenic loads, improve oxygen delivery and micro-circulation among dozens of other benefits. Ozone therapy can safely help improve the condition of patients with Chronic Illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diabetes and also autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Blood Circulation Problems, allergies, chronic sinusitis and many other conditions.

Digestive Health

The digestive tract is connected to every part of the body, with research continually demonstrating that skin, respiratory, arthritic, mental health conditions and immune dysfunction are connected with the health of the digestive tract and the microbiome. To this end, our programs are geared towards as a first step cleansing the intestinal tract using Colon Hydrotherapy, Rectal Insufflation and probiotic and other types of specialised enemas. Consequent therapies include specific herbs, oils and supplements that reduce the toxic load leading to reduced inflammation and improving the environment of the gastrointestinal tract. 



Neomed’s stimulation therapies form part of our tailored programs to help improve physical body functions. Technologically advanced therapies such as Magnet therapy, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), Multimag therapy, Microcurrent and various light-based therapies are extensively used by our teams. These are supported by manual massage therapies targeting specific body functions such as manual physiotherapy, lymphatic massage, laser massage, chromatotherapy, cupping and Aromatouch therapy.


Detoxification and Nutrition

A better functioning body organism necessitates deep detoxification backed by specifically-designed nutritional support programs. In addition to the diet program, unique solutions such as Ozone Ewot, Far-Infrared Sauna (low-EMF) and specifically-crafted wraps work to amplify the detoxifying effect of treatments. We recognise that such programs can be emotionally hard to follow so our Wellness Coach is there to offer support in one-to-one discussions.


Infusions and supplements form an integral part of our program to target and enhance specific functions within our body. Our supplements and infusions are backed by solid teams of medical experts and are designed and produced in German laboratories. Nutritional, Alkalising, Vitamin and Mineral infusions are designed for therapeutic administration and illness prevention. All infusions are administered in our comfortable treatment spaces specifically designed for relaxation.

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Diagnosis and Aftercare

At the Neomed Institute, the diagnostic stage is instrumental for designing your health program. Blood Analyses are received prior to the patient visiting the clinic. At the clinic, the initial diagnostic session takes place together with our full medical team to review our guest’s analyses and prepare the personal medical protocol.

Rejuvenation is the art of increasing vitality, or enhancing Qi of the body.


Our modern world exposes us to stress in many forms (emotional, physical, biological, mental), which increases our needs for energy and vitality.

Neomed’s unique therapies are designed to enhance vitality, reduce the toxic load on the body, reduce the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous system activity, reboot bodily functions and rejuvenate!

Components of Neomed Institute’s rejuvenation program include detoxification, laser
biorevitalisation for the face and neck, activated PRP therapy for the face and hair, and Thermodermie®, among other safe and non-toxic modalities. 


Unique Wellness Programs in Cyprus


Here at Neomed our expert team are endeavoring to be responsive to emerging health conditions and are constantly developing and perfecting our unique range of wellness programs.



Air Crew Wellness Program

Our air crew wellness programs concentrate on regeneration, oxygenation and detoxification of the body after long stressful flights. It also addresses pain in the body (after pushing heavy carts, etc) and addresses toxic environmental exposure through a range of therapies. Digestive tract support for better nutrient absorption and efficient elimination along with stress-management strategies are also included in our programs.

Executive Wellness Program

The aim of our Executive Wellness Program is to identify any areas of your health which need addressing but also to boost your immune system, detox your mind and body and allow you to enjoy a period of deep relaxation. Our approach to our guests health is a holistic one and we seamlessly combine biological medicine with cutting edge science and utilising some of the most innovative technologies and treatments available today.