Join our Executive Wellness Program in 2019

Are you an Executive waking up this morning dreading your return to work after spending the holiday season trying to switch off but not quite achieving it?


Maybe 2018 was particularly stressful for you and the demands of your executive life may have played havoc with your physical health and mental well-being. Many executives are so busy looking after their companies interests that they fail to take care of themselves.


We invite you to give us the opportunity to take care of you and help you to accomplish even more in 2019 with a healthier and happier body and mind.


Our Executive Wellness program is both preventative and reactive. It is designed to identify areas of your health that need addressing but also to boost your immune system, detox your mind and body and allow you to enjoy a period of deep relaxation.


Our approach to our guest's health is a holistic one and we seamlessly combine biological medicine with cutting edge science and utilising some of the most innovative technologies and treatments available today.


If you would like to know more about our Executive Wellness Program and how we can tailor it to your individual needs then please visit our Executive Wellness section by following this link;

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