Methods of Multimag treatment have been scientifically proven in the Research development Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine in Russia and are used to balance the magnetic fields of Cosmonauts. Multimag brings  low-frequency modulated fields in regular time specified contact with the patient’s body. The method uses low- intensity magnetism that performs general therapeutic and curative functions. This kind  of treatment is effective, painless and non-­invasive for the patient.

Multimag specifically enhances the microcirculation processes, improves metabolic balance and helps with the restoration of body functions. The treatment provides pain and inflammation relieving benefits as well as having an anti-aging effect and helping energy recovery.  

Multimag provides treatments for patients with acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, central and peripheral nervous system, diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal system and postoperative complications using pulsed running low-intensity magnetic field.

Multimag can help alleviate the effects of Coxarthrosis and polyarthritis, Varicose veins, Atherosclerosis, Cystitis and Edema of vascular origin. It can helps patients with symptoms of Hypertension, diabetic angiopathy, heart ischemia, chronic venous deficiency, cardiovascular diseases and myopathy. Patients with joint trauma, hematoma, Gout and joint trauma and locomotor system damage can be helped through the specific treatment.


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