Osteoporosis is a chronic bone disease characterized by low bone mass and bone tissue deterioration. The International Osteoporosis Foundation (iofbonehealth.org) estimates that one in three women and one in five men will experience osteoporotic fractures.

Our bones constantly remodel themselves as we place demands on ourselves. “Osteoclasts” will break down the bone and “Osteoblasts” will create new bone. As we age, coordination of the two bone functions deteriorates and osteoclasts break down more bone than can be created by the Osteoblasts.

Our Osteoporosis protocol focuses on facilitating osteoclastic and osteoblastic co-ordination. The combination of all the therapies is key to the success of our program, no single therapy will have the same overall benefit.

  • Zell Screening is carried out to discover levels of heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies.

  • Ozone therapy is used as an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting modality.

  • Infusions work to enhance the functions of organs, tissue and bones and supplements specifically work to remove toxins that interfere with the osteoblastic/osteoclastic coordination and help regenerate bones.

  • Advanced gastrointestinal therapies are used to correct the microbiome of the intestinal tract, to heal the mucosa lining and to increase the absorption of the nutrients from your foods.

  • Patient-specific physiotherapy is used to strengthen current bone structure.

  • Revolutionary Papimi therapy is used for rehabilitation of the bones, pain relief and immune stimulation.

  • Diet and lifestyle changes are proposed to strengthen the body and bones throughout the treatment and thereafter.

  • Therapies to reduce your stress hormones and switch your autonomic nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode are carried out.

  • Emotional healing and therapy recommended with our Psychotherapist.

Pregnancy Related Osteoporosis

Many people associate osteoporosis with advancing age but unfortunately this condition can affect women of younger years. This is a rare condition but nevertheless a seriously debilitating condition for a woman of child rearing age. Some women get diagnosed with pregnancy related osteoporosis at a a very young age. This can be so severe that a woman fracture their spine or hips while pregnant, giving birth or shortly after giving birth. This is an extremely difficult condition for mothers of newborn babies and their families to deal with. It is completely debilitating and most women in this position are completely lost not knowing what to do or where to go for assistance.

There is many contributing factors that cause a woman to get Pregnancy Related Osteoporosis and because it is a rare condition not a lot of studies have yet being carried out on why exactly it happens and how to treat it.

Here at Neomed we have been taking care of a mother who went through this very situation and who was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at only 36 years of age. We have worked very hard at creating a protocol that addresses not only the symptoms of this disease but also the causes. We are happy to say that she has made significant progress from partaking in our program.

Our osteoporosis protocol focuses on facilitating osteoclastic and osteoblastic co-ordination. It incorporates a number of different natural therapies along with diet, cleansing the body from undesirable substances and specialised physiotherapy.

If there is any other women suffering from this condition (PLO or Pregnancy Related Osteoporosis) who would like to talk to us about our protocols fill in the contact form below or email us a message and we can arrange a free telephone or video consult with our team.

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