Our New Two Week Breast Implant Illness Programme

We would like to announce that we have now added another programme here at Neomed for those suffering from Breast Implant Illness.


We have been overwhelmed by the number of women who have contacted us, all with varying degrees of this illness. Some women have been suffering from BII for decades and now have a host of other conditions and some have already taken steps and explanted but are still suffering symptoms.


We already have a full Five-Week Explant Programme with post-operative detox and recovery and also a stand-alone four-week programme for those who have explanted elsewhere. But we also want to be able to help the women who can only get away for a shorter period of time and who also have already taken steps to detox but need some expert assistance. So we have created a Two-Week Post-Operative Detox & Recovery Program for those ladies. Our recommendation will always be four weeks for those who are still at the heights of their illness but this two-week program is ideal for anyone who has already seen some improvements from their home protocols.


To find out more about attending our Two-Week Breast Implant Illness Post-Operative Detox & Recovery Program please get in touch.


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