Our Path to Wellness

The Neomed Institute uses time-tested protocols with cutting-edge science to help the body restore the natural balance needed to fight off chronic disease and restore to a healthy state.

A combination of drainage and detoxification of harmful substances,  immune system stimulation, support and restoration, powerful stem cell activation using Dr Lahodny’s ground-breaking Ozone Multipass protocols, physical rehabilitation and mind-body therapies, Neomed’s non-toxic modalities work in concert to enable our body to begin the path to recovery.

Our Unique Path to Wellness Steps


Step 1. Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

Each cell produces a voltage which allows the cell to partake in a tremendous amount of processes, at its own cellular level, and in symphony with the rest of your cells from each organ to your entire body.

At Neomed Institute, we begin by re-tuning your nervous system utilising several therapies which combine ancient wisdom with advanced technology. The goal of this process is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to promote balance and healing.

Step 2. Gastrointestinal (GI) Restoration

Disease begins in the gut, a well-known statement and observation. The digestive tract is connected to every part of the body, with research continually demonstrating skin, respiratory, arthritic, mental health conditions and immune dysfunction being connected back to the health of the digestive tract and the microbiome. Regular bowel movements are critical as an impacted bowel will result in putrefaction, increased inflammation and an increased toxic load in the body.

Using therapeutic interventions, herbs, oils and supplements result in fewer toxins and less inflammation which changes the environment of the gastrointestinal tract. A healthy environment supports the beneficial intestinal microbiome, a better functioning immune system and improved nutrient availability.

Step 3. Organ Vitality Enhancement & Cellular Repair

Improving circulation from major arteries to the micro diameter of the capillaries achieving greater oxygenation, nutrient supply, increase in the ATP synthesis and storage in the mitochondria, and uninterrupted energy flow are crucial for restoring the homeostasis in the body and move one step further towards wellness.

We use unique infusions and supplements designed to support vital organs and repair damaged cells. We also pay special attention to scars, as treating them with various modalities has proven to enhance and accelerate healing.

Step 4. Drainage & Detoxification

Drainage and Detoxification are key to any health restoration. Damaging toxins that accumulate in our body create a series of disruptions that lead to inflammation, bacterial, fungal and viral overgrowth, and nervous systems disorders, which establish the ground for chronic illness.

Using various traditional practices, the latest technology and supported by low allergenic, low excipient, high-quality supplements with innovative alkalizing therapies we enable a change of terrain needed for healing.

Step 5. Reduction of the Pathogenic Load

Our powerful non-toxic therapies are designed to remove metabolic wastes/toxins, reduce the viral, bacterial and fungal load, and increase immune cell response to tissue damage and invading pathogens. The resulting oxygenation of the body is a welcome side effect that creates a feeling of wellness.

It is important to continue detoxification to help the body restore the healthy environment that is fundamental to rehabilitation from chronic illness.

Step 6. Rehabilitation of the Musculoskeletal System

Chronic illness often limits mobility and flexibility.  Apart from the psychological effects, this can exacerbate joint pains and add to overall lethargy. The result is muscle atrophy and misalignments in the Skeleton systems that are forced to compensate for muscle failure.

Our specialists will put together an individual physiotherapy plan, which will also include complementary therapies like physiotherapy, massage, craniosacral therapy, or laser acu-massage, and guide you through a uniquely designed gentle exercises program to help the body restore homeostasis, improve and normalise blood circulation, and optimise the metabolic processes.

Step 7. Addressing the Deeper Connection

Here we are unravelling the emotional knots that affect our health. These psychological obstacles to health may have been developed after a traumatic experience or a prolonged period of stress. It is easy to be complacent about these hidden issues, yet over time they have become stronger and with more influence on your daily life.

We help you to loosen and unravel your knots in a warm, caring, and supportive environment through mind-based therapies, creative expression, coaching and relaxation.



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