Ozone Gum Injections

We are always advancing our knowledge and looking for opportunities to expand our use of ozone therapy here at Neomed in Cyprus. Further to this we are happy to announce that we are now offering Ozone Gum Injections here at the clinic which are particularly great for individuals suffering with periodontal disease but also for other conditions in the body affected by infections in the gum or tooth cavities. Ozone is beneficial due to its antimicrobial and immunostimulating effect and it is well indicated in the treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases.*

The main advantages for this therapy are:

  • Acts as a Disinfectant.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Activation of intracellular metabolism of oral mucosa and dental wounds.

  • Improvement of regional circulation.

  • Stimulation of regenerative processes.

  • Hemostasis in capillary bleedings.

  • A painless procedure.

References: * Application of ozone in the treatment of periodontal disease


Ozone Gum Injections

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