Papimi - Powerful NanoPulse Ion Therapy

Neomed Institute is proud to announce the arrival of the new NanoPulse Ion Induction Therapy system by Papimi. This therapy adds a new dimension for the treatment of a myriad of conditions, especially when purposefully combined with other treatment modalities.

The Papimi is the most powerful NanoPulse device backed by solid science and abundant clinical reviews.

The Papimi generates strong nano-pulsed therapeutic electromagnetic impulses directly into the somatic cell, therefore, affecting its internal energy to restore mitochondrial function. The unique magnetic nanopulses, boost the transmembrane potential of the cells by increasing permeability to ions, and, therefore, improving energy supply to them. In addition to activating the process of self-healing, it provides extraordinarily fast results in a wide range of applications. Its effectiveness is further enhanced by Neomed Institute's proprietary protocols.

NanoPulse Magnetic Therapy stimulates bone healing, is used in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the locomotor system and spine as well as having pain-relieving effects. It is used extensively by the most prestigious biological clinics in cancer care, and it has antiviral and antibacterial effects through immune stimulation.

It does not merely treat the symptoms but further affects the deeper source of health problems identified at the cellular level.  This results in the overall restoration and enhancement of the normal operation of the body.

The Papimi is used worldwide by famous football clubs to accelerate athlete recovery and rehabilitation.


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