Photo Chromatotherapy

In the last decade, a new direction is gaining strength in physiotherapy – photo-chromatotherapy, based on the use of narrow-band LED radiation of different colours.

In medicine, green light is used to aid with a wide range of diseases such as eye diseases - spasm, accommodation, near-sightedness, head pains, disruption of sleep, vertebra-basilar insufficiency, convulsive joints, bruises, sprains and allergic dermatitis.

The green lamp can also help with Stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuro-psychic overloads of schoolchildren, neurosis, headache, migraine, neuralgia, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, acute respiratory infections, bruises and osteochondrosis.

The therapeutic effect of the blue lamp is due to its ability to generate infrared illumination, which means heat. Blue light Photo-chromatotherapy can aid blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and has and analgesic effect on muscle spasms. It aids with the removal of swelling in tissues, has immune-stimulating action and aids with restoration of joint mobility.


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