Preventative Care

The average person is exposed to at least 200 toxins per week with testing identifying at least 600 chemicals in the blood. To highlight the importance of removing these toxins, some of their effects include suppressing our immune system, disrupting hormones increasing infertility rates, aging our cells and increasing our risk of developing cancer.

Many of these environmental toxins are passed from mother to baby during birth and breast feeding damaging our children’s brains and putting stress on their under-developed detoxification systems.

Many conditions including autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and Attention Deficiet HyperActivity Disorder (ADHD) could be a result of environmental toxins passed from mother to child. Hence, detoxification as part of preconception therapy creates a healthier, stronger child.

Our guests release the stressors of modern society and enjoy detoxing in a supportive environment with therapies and treatments, including acu-laser, that support and enhance elimination organs, remove environmental, biological, emotional and mental toxins.

Specialized supplements are included to enhance the removal of toxins at a cellular level and our guests can enjoy our home-made detoxification tea during their time at Neomed Institute. Both supplements and tea are available for patients to take home with them if they wish to continue their daily detoxing.



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