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About Neomed

About Neomed institute

At the Neomed Institute and Medical Center, innovative technologies meet ancient wisdom and conventional practices co-exist harmoniously with new approaches in order to help our guests on their journey back to health.

Our Clinic

At Neomed we don’t treat illnesses, we treat people affected by illness, which is why all of our programmes are tailored to the individual.

Our Mission

At Neomed, we want to set you on the Path to Wellness.

With first-class medical facilities, Neomed is an innovative health care provider offering treatments with heart and expertise, using state-of-the-art synergistic therapies to assist the body, mind and soul in self-healing. We view ourselves as partners with our guests as well as our employees, the community and the environment. Our passion is your wellness.

Our Path to Wellness

Chronic illness robs people of their health and vitality in stages, and the road to recovery is a reversal of that downwards spiral, with sufferers being built up again, by stages, until they start to feel like the people they once used to be. At Neomed we call this journey the ‘Path to Wellness’ and it encompasses seven major steps:

  • Rebalancing the autonomic nervous system
  • Gastrointestinal restoration programmes
  • Organ vitality enhancement and cellular repair
  • Drainage and detoxification
  • Reduction of the pathogenic load
  • Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system
  • Addressing the deeper connection

our path to wellness

Most people who come to Neomed arrive highly stressed and tense, which is not going to aid the process of healing, regeneration and detox. Therefore, guests need to rest, digest, heal, regenerate and sleep. Strategies to achieve this include various modalities of physiotherapy and manual therapies as well as supplementation, breathing techniques and other therapies.

The next area we tackle is digestive health because if this is not dealt with from the outset, a lot of problems will be perpetuated. We practice a top-down approach, starting from the mouth and the teeth before moving on to the stomach and its hydrochloric acid releases, the small intestine and the large intestine, as well as the functions of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. With tailored diets at the heart of the programme, our team will conduct consultations, supplementation and parasite cleanses throughout a guest’s stay.

Given the intensity of our therapies and treatments, coupled with the fact that chronic illness sufferers will arrive in a heightened state of fatigue, we need to nourish the organs and the mitochondria in order to provide more energy to cells. Correcting diet is beneficial in this regard, but other strategies employed to promote organ vitality and cellular repair include nano-pulse ion therapy, organotropic vitamin infusions, laser therapies, IHHT (Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic training), Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and interference fields treatments.

Naturally, detox plays a large part in all our recovery programmes, and drainage is a preparation that needs to happen for the detoxification process to be effective. Therapies used for this step include lymphatic drainage massage, FIR and ozone saunas, colon hydrotherapies and enemas, microcurrent and mud wraps, castor oil packs and infusion therapy, among many other modalities.

Alongside strategies to improve the internal environment, or terrain, of the body, therapies are used to reduce the pathogenic load, which could be viral, bacterial, fungal, and helminthic. Strategies used in the reduction of the pathogenic load include oxidative therapies, specialised infusions and antiparasitic treatment.

Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system is a programme unique to Neomed involving advanced physiotherapy, exercises, nano-pulse ion therapy, massage and Atlas therapy, which deals with the very first cervical vertebra of the spine, C1, so that the whole body might be aligned. We are also the only clinic in Cyprus offering posturology to correctly align joints and muscles to obtain optimal balance and relieve chronic pain issues triggered by bad posture. While physiotherapy, osteopathy and even deep tissue massages can alleviate symptoms created by poor posture, posturology goes to the root cause of pain to bring about a permanent solution.

And finally, because chronic illness takes its toll on even the strongest among us, the emotional wellbeing of guests is another priority. This is why Neomed offers wellness coaching and psychology sessions alongside EFT, meditation, tuning forks and a general support network to ensure that each new day feels better than the last for all our guests.

The past decade has brought some surprising and ingenious innovations that have led to greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of many chronic illnesses and by incorporating the most effective traditional therapies with the best that modern thinking and technology can provide, Neomed has created a system that gets results.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of doctors, specialists and support staff who share, above all, a dedication to our guests and a commitment to provide the highest level of care.