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Institute & Medical Centre

Visit Cyprus to Experience Wellness and Vitality

At the Neomed Institute and Medical Center, innovative technologies meet ancient wisdom and conventional practices co-exist harmoniously with new approaches to help our guests on their journey back to health.

Post – Covid Healing Programme

If you have had COVID-19 and you’re still feeling the effects of it, weeks and possibly months after infection, then your immune system needs a helping hand.

Given the range of post-Covid symptoms, at Neomed, we’ve developed a unique programme that focuses on immune regulation and organ body recovery using vitamins and other infusions specific to the needs of individual guests.

We also use oxidative therapies to directly reduce viral loads and stimulate regeneration, as well as alkalizing therapies to rebalance pH and gut restoration treatments to restore proper immune function.

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What People Say

Over the years, we have had the privilege of treating a large number of guests, battling all manner of chronic disease, and we are always delighted when they want to share their experience for the benefit of the many people out there still searching for a way to get well.

Take a listen to what our previous guests have to say because these are the people who know more than anyone else what you are going through right now. They have been there, and they have turned that corner.

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