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Therapies - Neomed Institute and Medical center

Consultation and Diagnostics

Every guest of Neomed begins their journey with a medical assessment. Following discussions and evaluations by our team – consisting of a doctor, naturopath, wellness coach and functional dietician – we create a personalised programme for guests to follow. Depending on the stage and symptoms being experienced, the medical team may also recommend additional therapies to compliment treatment such as customised infusions and supplements.

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Neomed Institute’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes are designed to enhance performance both physically and mentally, increase ATP production, accelerate recovery time from injuries, reduce lactic acid build-up in the tissues and de-stress the body. Our Rehabilitation programme may include ozone, alkalising and nutritional infusions, individualised physiotherapy and manual massage techniques.

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Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone is widely used and considered a safe therapy that acts at various levels of the organism to stimulate the body’s own immunity and directly target pathogens, viruses and bacteria, therefore, aiding in the restoration of balance. According to Dr Lahodny, a senior European Physician who developed Multipass Ozone Therapy also known as tenpass, it creates a powerful stem-cell activation and accelerates the healing of internal and external wounds. Ozone is used in the treatment of many diseases that were once considered difficult to treat, and acts as an excellent prophylactic measure for disease prevention. Click here for more information.

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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy also known as supplemental oxygen, can be used as a treatment for any disease that impairs the body's ability to take up and use gaseous oxygen. It can also help organs, tissue or cells which are deprived of oxygen. Oxygen therapy can be administered in various ways; via nose, through a face mask or by sitting in a sealed oxygen chamber.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy provides pain relief and reduces inflammation while aiding tissue repair and regeneration. Our Laser therapies involve the use of focused light tuned to specific wavelengths.

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IV Therapy

After a full health assessment, the doctor will prescribe an infusion for you and will explain the purpose and the process of your treatment. Providing vitamins and minerals via an infusion can help vital nutrients needed for cell repair bypass the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and get to where they are essential for optimal health. Most people with chronic health conditions have issues absorbing nutrients because of deficient GI functioning. An infusion can take between 20 minutes to an hour. An intravenous administration quickly sends nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Many of our patients begin to feel the effects immediately.

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