Beauty & Rejuvenation

Beauty & Rejuvenation therapies in Cyprus

Rejuvenation – Restoring Vitality

Rejuvenation is the art of increasing vitality or enhancing the Qi of the body. Our modern world exposes us to stress in many forms (emotional, physical, biological, mental), which increases our need for energy and vitality.

Neomed’s unique therapies are designed to enhance vitality, reduce the toxic load on the body, reduce sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous system activity, reboot bodily functions and rejuvenate.


The 5 Rs of Our Rejuvenation

  • REMOVE - Feel the powerful effects of cleansing your body from impacted toxins that contribute to pain, disease and ageing.
  • RELEASE - Let go of emotional toxicity and stress and allow yourself to enjoy the present moment.
  • RECHARGE - Get energised from special exercises that set in motion your body’s natural defences and support your physical well-being.
  • RE-NOURISH - Help your body get the nutrients it needs to propel your internal systems to work efficiently towards health and beauty.
  • REJUVENATE - Pamper yourself with a combination of non-toxic medical therapies that will have you feeling and looking more naturally beautiful and young.


Activated PRP



Oxygen & Vitamin C Facial Therapy