Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Why the weight won’t budge

It can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to see the scales stuck at a certain point no matter how much you diet or how hard you exercise, but there could be several underlying reasons for this, with one of the main culprits being food – or refined, nutrient-depleted food, to be precise.

Studies show that consuming processed foods with synthetic additives are the leading cause of high belly fat and obesity. Similarly, food intolerances can cause the digestive tract to become inflamed, often resulting in symptoms such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) that impact weight gain.

Other reasons may centre on the body’s ability to detox. If you suffer from bacterial, fungal or parasitic overgrowths, it can contribute to unwanted weight gain by hindering optimal nutrient absorption, as well as diminished organ efficiency, increased acidity levels, and a depleted natural gut flora.

Likewise, a high toxic burden or dysfunctional digestion can result in a sluggish liver. When the liver is overburdened and unable to metabolise nutrients and fats properly, it slows down metabolism leading to weight gain.
Stress is another enemy of any weight loss programme as it can lead to adrenal dysfunction, which in turn decreases thyroid function, which can lead to excess accumulation of salt and water.

Insulin resistance, leading to elevated blood sugar levels, and iron-deficient anaemia, resulting in low energy levels, are also possible causes of weight gain.


Ways to shift excess weight

There are so many benefits to be had from detoxification – such as a stronger immune system, improved energy levels, healthy skin, and anti-ageing support, among others – but it can also help with weight loss.

A build-up of toxins, coupled with a poor diet, can lead to weight gain, so cleansing the body of these toxins should result in weight loss. Of course, when you support a detox protocol by switching to a nutrient-rich diet consisting of ‘real food,’ healthy fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables, you will be able to build on and maintain weight loss benefits. At the other end of the spectrum, intermittent fasting can also be a great help in any weight loss programme.

Another positive change you can bring for your body is to improve digestion by exercising 30 minutes a day, drinking plenty of clean water, having enough fibre in your diet, and eating less meat. One of our expert naturopaths and nutritionists will be able to advise you further on dietary changes that will speed up and clean up your digestive track.

And finally, relax. Decreasing stress levels will support your adrenals and, as a consequence, your thyroid, thereby balancing hormones. Again, our resident experts can help with this, but do try meditation or yoga to lower stress levels. A body wrap is also a hugely relaxing therapy that can result in weight loss. While wraps won’t burn fat, they can temporarily shift a few pounds through water loss and help firm the skin.


Weight Loss Programme

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