Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections

Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections treatments

Lyme Disease

Tick-borne Illness (Lyme disease, Bartonella, relapsing fever, Ehrlichiosis anaplasmosis etc ) is a complex and often misunderstood disease that causes many symptoms, immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue and pain.

At The Neomed Institute, we target the complex underlying causes for a more effective treatment. We also employ a variety of protocols to directly treat bacterial, viral, and other pathogenic overgrowths. We utilize the immune-stimulating and antimicrobial activity of complex non-toxic protocols developed in Russian and European universities in addition to Dr Lahodny’s ground-breaking Ozone Multipass treatments. Dr Lahodny’s research has supported the antimicrobial and immune-stimulating pathways along with demonstrating powerful stem cell activation effects of ozone therapy.

Continued stress creates a biological storm allowing for a change in the environment “terrain/milieu” resulting in less strength and robustness of an organism. Bringing a hyper-sympathetic individual back into balance is crucial for healing and is achieved through advanced technology and manual bodywork.

Many infections and their traditional symptom-based treatment approach often negatively affect the functioning of the digestive system, slowing gut motility and increasing inflammation and pain. Gut restorative therapies are imperative to improving the well-being of a patient but also enhance immune activity by supporting their intestinal health and microbiome.


Chronic Infections

Chronic illness develops in the body due to a set of precipitating factors including:

  • cellular acidity resulting from factors including a poor diet, poor elimination and accumulation of toxins.
  • high levels of toxicity from environmental chemicals, heavy metals and infections
  • structural problems and injuries to the spine
  • nutritional deficiencies due to a lack of intake or poor digestion and absorption
  • an imbalanced nervous system from constant stimulants eg. Caffeine, blue light from computers, smartphones and TV, high sugar diet
  • long term chronic stress
  • emotional, mental and physical traumas
  • hidden infections in the teeth and cavities, root canals, gold and amalgam fillings
  • digestive problems including motility issues, lack of microbial diversity, intestinal permeability and poor digestive secretions.
  • exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • genetic predisposition

The Neomed Institute employs synergistic therapies under our “Path to Wellness” plan that focuses on the removal of environmental and biological toxins, enhancing immune system activity, and a variety of protocols to directly treat infections.

Lyme disease

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