Overcoming Eczema through Nutritional Changes

A 22-year-old woman who was hospitalised with severe eczema now has “the best skin of her life” after making changes to her diet.

Beatrice Guaca developed horrendous facial eczema when she turned her back on junk food and began eating more healthily. Unbeknown to her, she was allergic to nuts and had an intolerance of dairy and gluten.

When her face subsequently erupted in cracked and weeping sores, it led to an infection and Beatrice was admitted to hospital for two weeks. While there, medics carried out several allergy tests to find the cause of her flare-ups. Now, after cutting out nuts, gluten and dairy, she has healed beautifully.

According to the National Eczema Society, around one in five children and one in 10 adults in the UK experiences some form of eczema. Triggers for eczema flare-ups include food allergies; soaps; detergents; stress; and the weather.

At Neomed, we offer a number of therapies to relieve the, sometimes debilitating, effects of eczema, including colonic hydrotherapy and the super-healing and super-relaxing nano bath. As well as conducting allergy tests, we also have nutrition and wellness experts qualified to advise on the best way forward. 

If you have concerns about eczema or any other diet-related illnesses, call us today and book a consultation with our naturopath and nutritional expert Dina Gavarieva or Valerie Nevgen, our naturopath and functional medicine practitioner.

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