Ozone Therapy: the Secret Weapon in your Beauty Arsenal

There are many quick fixes to visibly halt signs of aging, but real longevity requires root cause applications – and one of the best anti-aging protocols available is ozone therapy.


As we know, the risk of contracting disease or chronic conditions increase as we get older, and the main trigger for illnesses such as rheumatic disease, diminished immune response, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer, can be traced to a reduced oxygen supply.


This is why ozone is such an effective anti-aging treatment because it contains three oxygen atoms, which means the application of ozone increases the body’s oxygen levels – an understanding that is starting to gain serious attention among those looking for the elixir of life.


As well as helping prevent the onset of certain illnesses, while easing the symptoms of others, ozone therapy increases energy levels, which naturally dwindle the older we get.


In short, ozone therapy is an incredible tool to aid longevity and wellbeing, and one that is finally having its moment in the sun.


Ozone Facts

When oxygen passes through an electric coil, it separates into three atoms thereby becoming ozone.


First used medically during WWI to clean and disinfect wounds, ozone therapy is a growing reality in medical spheres, and being increasingly used as a therapeutic tool for different diseases related to chronic oxidative stress and inflammation, including chronic pain.


Administered to the body to target and destroy harmful agents such as viruses and bacteria, it reverts to oxygen once its work is done- and it is this increase in the body’s oxygenation that makes it a longevity promoting powerhouse.


The positive effects of ozone therapy include: improved cellular metabolism; improved circulation and oxygen supply; liver detoxification; improved white blood cell activity; reduced uric acid; and decreased cholesterol and triglycerides


At Neomed, we have long championed the strengths of this amazing gas, and we offer a number of ozone therapies, including:

  • Multipass Ozone Therapy – one of the most powerful ozone-based modalities for treating chronic conditions available today. Multipass ozone therapy can be especially beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, auto-immune disorders, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, viral and bacterial infections, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia;

  • Ozone Intravenous Therapy – clinical studies have shown that ozone saline infusions help with blood circulation while optimising pro-antioxidant systems and body homeostasis. Ozone saline infusions also aid microcirculation and have an immunity-boosting effect;

  • Ozone Sauna – one of our most relaxing therapies, this comes with a multitude of health benefits. As well as boosting the immune system it improves blood circulation and it is especially helpful to sufferers of chronic pain, Lyme disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, breast implant illness (BII) and athletic injuries.


The Beauty of Ozone Therapy

Naturally, when your body heals from the inside, the effects become apparent on the outside. But ozone therapy also works its magic on the last layer of bodily protection as well – the skin.


 Sun exposure and toxic overloads – now everyday hazards of normal life – seriously deplete crucial nutrients that your skin and organs need, leading to premature aging. This is aging from the outside in. In contrast, ozone therapy reduces the effects of aging from the inside out by increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream.


By stimulating the production of enzymes that release and bind oxygen from red blood cells, more oxygen becomes available to cells, and as tissues soak up this extra oxygen the result is better health that emanates outwards.


By giving a turbo boost kick to the immune system, ozone enables better detoxification, including detox of the skin, which cleanses toxins, impurities, and pollutants away on a cellular level.  


When skin is not properly oxygenated, its metabolism slows down which leads to a dull skin complexion and uneven skin tone. Through the removal of dead skin cells, complexions become brightener and more balanced, making the skin appear more luminous.


Ozone also helps boost collagen production and elastin, which softens wrinkles, tightens the skin, and slows down the aging process.  


Because oxygen travels to the skin’s surface, it kills the bacteria lying there, minimising breakouts, redness and inflammation, and shrinking pores. By cleansing and protecting the skin, ozone therapy leads to improved skin moisture leaving a youthful glow that will brighten up even the dullest winter day. Furthermore, it is an extremely gentle beauty procedure that is not only beneficial but also kind to your skin.


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