Papimi Therapy: Breakthrough Results in Post-COVID-19 Fatigue Management Now Available in Cyprus

One of Neomed’s most popular treatments – Papimi Ion-Induction Therapy – has shown impressive results in the latest research into post-Covid-19 fatigue.


The chronic fatigue experienced by many long-Covid survivors continues to have a major impact on their lives today, limiting their ability to hold down jobs and even relationships.

However, studies conducted into pulsed electromagnetic fields have brought welcome news for sufferers.


Over the course of five weeks, 10 sessions of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment with a high magnetic flux density were applied to a patient suffering from post-COVID-19 fatigue syndrome.


As well as fatigue, the patient’s ability to work, quality of life, resilience, anxiety, depression and stress levels were all evaluated in a study funded by the Medical School of Vienna.


The scientists concluded that “the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with a device that allows sufficient penetration of the body tissue might be a promising physical modality to manage post-Covid-19 fatigue syndrome, which could reduce clinical and economic health consequences.”


Here at Neomed, we have been delighted with the treatment outcomes when using Papimi. One of the most powerful nano pulse magnetic therapies available, this non-invasive treatment brings with it an array of benefits including immune stimulation and pain relief, in addition to shorter recovery times for fractures and injuries.


For more information about Papimi or our Covid-19 rehab programmes, get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.

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