UK Finds Toxins in Common Foods

Health campaigners have voiced concerns after long-lasting and potentially dangerous toxins were found in common fruits, vegetables and spices in the UK.


Man-made PFA chemicals, which are found in some pesticides, are known to accumulate in the body and they have been linked to severe health conditions.


And according to the latest tests carried out by the UK government, these chemicals have been identified in a range of foods.


Pesticide Action Network UK (Pan UK), which analysed the test results, found strawberries to be the worst offender, with 95% of 120 test samples containing PFA pesticides. This was followed by 61% of the 109 grape samples tested, 56% of the 121 cherry samples, 42% of the 96 spinach samples and 38% of the 96 tomato samples.


Meanwhile, peaches, cucumbers, apricots and beans all saw at least 15% of samples containing PFAs.


Common illnesses and symptoms associated with exposure to PFAs include:


  • Thyroid hormone disruption, showing as fatigue, weight change, increased sensitivity to cold or heat, and changes in heart rate;


  • Immune system effects, which may manifest as frequent infections, autoimmune disorders, or allergic reactions;


  • Decreased fertility, with symptoms that include difficulty conceiving, changes in menstrual cycles, or hormonal imbalances;


  • Certain types of cancer, such as kidney cancer, testicular cancer, and thyroid cancer.


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