Wellness on Your Plate: 5 Essential Tips for Stress-Free Eating

Struggling to stick to your diet?

Well, you’re not alone! So, here are five handy tips to stop you straying – and grazing – too far from the path.

Eat More Breakfast!

Shift the lion’s share of your daily food to the first half of the day, when energy is needed most. Having only coffee at breakfast and a light lunch will increase the risk of gorging in the evening.


Avoid Tiny Portions!

Eat 200g-300g of food at your main meal. This is an easily digestible amount, but more importantly, your brain will register it as real food and send signals to the body that you are full.

Drink More!

Hunger pangs are often alleviated by drinking a glass of warm water or chamomile tea. If you still feel hungry 20 minutes later then you probably are, so eat.

Deal With Cravings!

Whether your guilty pleasure is chocolate, cookies, smoked sausage, or salty fish, it’s OK to indulge in moderation, especially during the first half of the day as it reduces the risk of a full-scale blowout in the evening.

Eat Healthy Fats!

A fat-free diet will inevitably lead to setbacks. Fat is also a source of sex hormones and stress hormones so keep delicious avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish in your diet. 

Above all else, don’t beat yourself up if you fail to stick to your diet. Changing habits of a lifetime is no easy ask, and there’s no reason to do it alone. At Neomed, we have a number of experts who can help you. Call us today to find out how.

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