Health Coaching

At Neomed, we believe in a targeted and bespoke approach to each individual. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into getting to know and assessing each patient so that we create an individualized program designed to help people to heal. In order to do so, we advise everyone who comes to Neomed to be guided in their therapeutic journey with health coaching.


With health coaching sessions, the patient will better understand their root causes, will be guided by the naturopath or functional medicine practitioner with natural therapies needed for healing, will get recommendations on which Neomed therapies will benefit them the most, will receive nutrition plans and therapies, and much more. 


The health coaching is done by Tina Christoudias, Neomed’s Harvard-trained nutritionist and one of Cyprus’s first certified functional medicine practitioners. She works with patients to guide and support them in their journey to better health. She is an expert in nutrition, hormonal regulation (thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone issues) and autoimmune disease and can help with additional chronic ailments such as Lyme's disease, gut health, and detoxification protocols, to name a few.


Tina’s nurturing and understanding personality has helped many patients on their journey toward achieving optimal health.

Health Coaching

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