Breast Implant Illness

Breast implants, whether saline- or silicone-filled, have been a popular prosthetic for more than a century. What most patients opting for a breast augmentation surgery are unaware of, however, is the possible complications of inserting breast implants in the body. Both types of implants can lead to a variety of adverse, or toxic effects under certain circumstances.

Local complications can be the result of both saline (saltwater) and silicone implants. The most common counter effects include breast pain, hematomas (clotted blood) on or near the surgical scar, loss of sensation in the nipple, rupture, deflation and lymphadenopathy, which means that lymph glands near the insertion site become swollen. A skin rash may form over the breasts and breast skin may appear thin and crinkled. Calcification of the breast tissue may also occur following the insertion of an implant, due to calcium buildup.

A very rare, yet possible complication caused by breast implants is the breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This type of cancer is a lymphoma, namely a malignancy that stems from the lymphocytes, cells that are a part of the organism’s immune system. BIA-ALCL should not be confused with breast cancer; however, it too is a type of cancer located in the breast. Although the occurrence rate of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma is indeed low, its development will require drastic measures to eliminate the malignancy.

Breast-implant-induced toxicity, caused especially by silicone, manifests with a variety of symptoms and is difficult to diagnose. Headaches, chronic fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, sudden-onset allergies, thyroid problems and gastrointestinal problems are some of the symptoms caused by silicone poisoning.

Breast implants have been identified to come with their risks especially when they rupture.

Explant & Post Operative Breast Illness Program

We have 3 Programs here at Neomed for those suffering with Breast Implant Illness. Our holistic and natural protocol of therapies aims to accelerate tissue regeneration, detoxify the entire body, stimulate and enhance lymphatic drainage, support and stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, restore the microbiome of the digestive tract, re-balance the hormonal system and specialised physio to rehabilitate the musculoskeletal structure.

Explant and Post Operative Detox & Recovery Program
Duration: 5 Weeks
Our full program for Breast Implant Illness includes Explant Surgery at a private hospital nearby along with our 4 week detox and recovery program which takes place here at our clinic.

Post Explant Detox & Recovery Program
Duration: 4 Weeks
For those that have already explanted elsewhere you can attend our clinic for our full 4 week Detox and Recovery Program. We highly recommend 4 weeks for anyone suffering from Breast Implant Illness and to come as soon after your explant as possible. If you have other medical conditions we may even recommend a longer stay with us.

Post Explant Detox & Recovery Program
Duration: 2 Weeks
This program is ideal for someone who has explanted and who may have already initiated a home detox protocol following their surgery and although feeling somewhat better now feels they need some expert assistance to speed up their recovery and maybe address issues they have been unable to manage by themselves. It is exactly the same protocol as our 4 week program but just over 2 weeks.

For more information including costs on the above programs please use the form below to contact us.


I’ve have made 2 trips to Neomed, flying from Australia. On my first visit in 2017 I presented with a number of chronic conditions and chronic infections. My health significantly improved after Neomed’s 2017 therapy, however they notified me of the very severe and systemic impacts silicon breast implants can have on the body.

I first had small saline implants placed in my late 20s to address asymmetry. I seemed fine, but looking back I often saw the doctor to look for help to address my fatigue. After breastfeeding children in my 30s I was told by doctors my implants needed changing every 10 years. I was never aware of this fact. I changed this time to silicon under the muscle implants. I thought it was fatigue of young children causing me to feel rundown and constantly tired. I struggled to push a pram, often had numbness and pins and needles in both arms and felt cognitively hampered.

In 2011 I was struck with a mystery systemic disabling disease that no doctors or hospital had the answer for. I struggled to walk and talk properly. I couldn’t lift a kettle or push my children on a swing. I had horrific muscle and joint pain, head aches and head pressure, strange rashes and disabling weakness and fatigue.

I started treating a Lyme-like disease prompting my first trip to Neomed after not progressing adequately on antibiotics alone.

Taking heed of Neomed’s advice I removed my silicon implants in 2018 and undertook Neomed’s customised BII program that this time tackled detoxing from implants. This included specific breast tissue focus and systemic detoxing including daily intravenous treatments and a multitude of supportive therapies. My physical and mental scars were also addressed very well. I enjoyed my time spent in clinic, loved the compassionate staff, and made great friends there during this trip.

Entering 2019 I’m now back working and volunteering at children’s sport and school. It was an 8 year, cruel nightmare. Neomed didn’t band-aid my symptoms as per mainstream doctors, but looked for the cause, addressed it and treated it. I’m forever indebted as I now have my life back and I’m becoming the person, mother, wife and friend I always wanted to be.
— Alexandra Patsan, Australia

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