Digestive Disorders

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in western countries develop IBS with a greater proportion being women? However, it’s not just gut problems that are caused by poor digestive health. Autoimmune conditions, allergies, mental health, skin conditions, hormonal conditions, sleep disorders are all affected by digestive health.

Incorrect diet, parasites/infections, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal exposure and chronic stress impact the functioning of the digestive tract and its beneficial inhabitants. This leads to increased intestinal permeability, a hypersensitive immune system and increased gut problems including bloating, abdominal pain and food allergies/intolerances. The effects of a compromised digestive tract are not only limited to  digestive symptoms with intestinal permeability being positively correlated with depression, anxiety, fatty liver disease, a reduced capacity to detoxify, allergies and many autoimmune conditions.

Following an extensive stool and blood analysis, we at The Neomed Institute, create our Digestive Health programs tailored to your specific condition to help with the digestive tract restoration, mucosal lining, enhancing digestive secretions and regulating motility by restoring the gut microbiome.

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